Why would anyone need physical therapy

In 1971 it became clear that a small current can be used for therapeutic purposes, in particular for bone repair after fracture. Today, modern physical therapy successfully uses different kinds of currents for the treatment of many diseases and blocking pain symptoms.

About physiotherapy as a non-drug approach to the treatment told the doctor – physiotherapist Nina Litvinova .

Is it true that physical therapy was known in ancient times?

Nina Litvinova . Of course, ancient people used to treat the natural environment, sun, water, air. Physical therapy came to us from the distant past. Today we know that natural factors for the treatment were used in Greece, Rome, America. It is known that people have long known about treatment options hot and cold compresses, steam baths, method of irrigation of bowels in gastric diseases has also been known. In Egypt for the first time began to use mud.

— What treatment methods are considered to be physical therapy today?

— Physiotherapy is the treatment of natural factors and artificial conditions. The natural is all that, anyway,is taken from natural sources. It dirt, air, sun, mineral water, sea water and so on. Artificial methods of physiotherapy appeared along with the development of physics, the advent of electricity. This so-called reformed, there are hardware factors that have been used for medicinal purposes. With them the modern man is facing today in the hospital — it magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound and other.

— Physical therapy is definitely a treatment in the clinic or hospital?

— Of course, most procedures are done in the clinic or in hospital. Home fail to carry out all the procedures, but some is quite real. For example, at home it is easy to take preventative baths with sea salt, which is better to buy at the pharmacy. The hike in the bath, pouring, hardening, various types of massage — it is all physical therapy and all useful. But it is important to understand that it will be useful for you, and for that, you should consult a doctor.

But the advantages of medical treatment in a hospital or clinic that the doctor meets with medical history, contraindications and indications, all this information is summarized, and the doctor prescribes treatment. But some patients, for example, by virtue of their employment, cannot go for treatment in the clinic, or they live far away, and the treatment should get. In this case, you can use devices designed for the home. But before their purchase and use require a doctor’s consultation, medication, there can be no. Because that’s what the doctor will tell you how to use these devices, how often and in what course.

To buy and treat

— We note that today, patients are mostly educated and reading. Of course, advertising should not be the only source of information: prior to purchase, again, you need to consult a doctor and find additional data that today is not difficult. Because many devices, and each is used for specific diseases, but only a doctor can weigh all the pros and cons. It often happens that patients are buying devices that they do not fit, and at best these machines just gathering dust on a shelf without a case and in some situations, if there are contraindications, can also hurt.

— Trip on the sea or the mountains can be equated to physical therapy?

— Of course! One of the sections of therapy procedures where there is such thing as air baths, sun baths, sea bathing, the mountain air treatment. Trip to the sea and stay on the coast even without a Spa treatment is extremely useful for any person. Maritime climate always has a therapeutic effect, the air is saturated with salts, it contains a lot of ozone and other substances that have a positive impact on respiratory function and on the nervous system.

But the effect from the sea or stay in the mountains is only leaving the battery in the new climate. After all, any trip and change of climate zones is stress, to overcome which takes time, which is called acclimatization. Therefore, the therapeutic effect of conduct on the sea, especially with children, need more than 10 days.

Help in the treatment

What can be the effect of physiotherapy?

— Physiotherapy is a very good support for many types of treatment and rehabilitation of patients, especially if well-built process. Physical therapy has an effect in all the pathologies, especially in neurology, because modern people are suffering from back.

— Is it true that modern methods of physiotherapy can be combined with your favorite doctors medication?

— Yes, it is. Of course, there are certain medications that have restrictions on the use of certain methods of physical therapy, for example, may be excluded phototherapy, because it can enhance the effect of the medicine, which the doctor does not expect. But this is extremely rare, usually it is the opposite. So, when used psoriasis medications and treatment with ultraviolet light — it enhances the action of medicines, and the patient quickly goes on the amendment.

Spa holiday

— Is it true that physical therapy as a treatment method often goes by the wayside and more and more is forgotten?

— The fact that in the past, Soviet times, many had the opportunity to get treatment at a discounted or free vacation. In the country there were many sanatoriums that were not in treatment and prevention, i.e. the prevention of the disease. For example, people with a tendency to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract could go in the direction of mineral waters, predisposition to diseases of the musculoskeletal system treated in special sanatoriums, and so on. The sanatorium is a complex of daily treatments, and there are two bathrooms, and a massage, and so on.

Today it’s all gone by the wayside. People go on regular vacations, but not for treatment. I don’t think decreased number of health centers. But there continue to go on rest and treatment to those who have the opportunity and understand one feature that the benefits of prevention. Still modern people are engaged in their health, if they have the opportunity.

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