Treatment in Germany

Treatment abroad, e.g. in Germany is becoming increasingly popular. To be treated is traveling abroad, an increasing number of patients needing the assistance of foreign experts. These professionals are the backbone of the health system in Germany. Thanks to the advanced educational system and a dense network of medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, private practice offices, etc.), providing the latest science and technology, German medicine is one of the leading.

To combine conventional and unconventional therapies with the latest developments or Know-How (Know How) – that’s the motto of German specialists in the treatment of diseases. Our services experts offer German and foreign patients in need of assistance.

Flexible, Webspital system allows each client to get maximum the most relevant services at the best PRICES.

To enlist the help of in Germany tries more and more people without intermediaries. So the treatment in Germany without intermediaries has become increasingly popular. Treatment in Germany are not only the patients who needed help with German cosmetologists (German plastic surgeons, dermatologists, etc.), but also need the help of experts in blastoschizomyces diseases. Advances in the treatment of such serious diseases as lung cancer, thyroid cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, leukemia and leukemia extended life and given a chance to recover any one patient. Success enjoy these German doctors, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, etc. All these German doctors have achieved a high level of skill through years of experience in Europe and further training courses. Certified PDA’s are available for all physicians with an enviable regularity, that have a positive impact on patients in Germany and the German healthcare system in General.

Pribivaya for treatment in Germany patients undergo a series of examinations that contribute to establish an accurate diagnosis, or most likely (through the exclusion of all other differential). Currently, thanks to technological progress, the range of possible diagnostic procedures is very broad and the appointment of any survey requires, because of possible side effects and, often, high cost, strong evidence. Determination of the possible presence of indications for any examination set by algorithms, the development of which relies on the study of medical experience. And the survey results determine the course of treatment of the patient. After the course of treatment control tests under dispensary observation. If required within a follow-up of diagnostic-specific measures or require extensive material base, the home of the doctor – the therapist the responsibility of an organizational function, i.e. tracking the progress of recovery and identification of the indications for referral for these or other surveys, based on medical standards and recommendations of medical specialists narrow profile.

With this system, in which all patient information is stored centrally, it is possible to clear the patient’s provision of preventive services to prevent disease, or timely assistance under dispensary observation.

The difference in medical standards between Europe and the CIS countries does not allow for a close and coordinated cooperation of German specialists, and domestic household physicians. In this regard, doctors WebSpital offer to rectify the situation, attracting an organizational function in Your home of a doctor in Germany. Recommending a range of surveys, and referring their patients to specialists, doctors WebSpital rely solely on medical evidence, thereby saving not only, often, restricted funds patient, but in case of severe diseases (e.g. cancer) precious time. Preservation of patient information in the electronic folder will not only inform the patient about the need for regular or preventative medical examinations, and will carry out immediate access to this information (presented in two languages), the domestic routine or doctors in case of emergency (of course with Your consent).

• With advanced techniques of German medicine treatment in Germany is becoming increasingly popular.

• Treatment in Germany gained its popularity due to the high qualification of German experts, the use of Know-How, advanced medical and laboratory equipment, as well as the quality of medicines.

• All therapeutic measures are appointed by the German physicians according to medical indications

• Medical indications for the different therapeutic measures clearly defined in the directives of the who

• All information about the conducted therapeutic activities centralized in home therapist, coordinating the monitoring of the patient

• Different health systems of the countries of Europe and CIS countries makes the interaction of German experts and domestic home physicians virtually impossible

• Doctors WebSpital able to assume organizational functions Your family doctor in Germany

• Save patient information in the electronic folder can carry out instant access to this information (presented in two languages) as any German, and various local doctors as planned or an emergency (of course, with the patient’s consent)

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