St. John’s wort – benefits and harms, the use in folk medicine

Many medicinal plants, now you can easily buy in pharmacies. They are sold in the form of various pills, powder, capsules, and also such cultures are part of many medicines. However, the most popular, as many years ago remain dried herbs, which you can use with your hands easily prepare different medicinal formulations. One of the known plants of this type is St. John’s wort, what are the benefits of this weed, and whether it can harm health, what use is this culture in folk medicine?

For that prized St. John’s wort? Use plants

The unique qualities of St. John’s wort caused a balanced and diverse composition. So this plant is a source of provitamin a, rutin, nicotinic and ascorbic acids.

In the composition of St. John’s wort contains a number of flavonoids, which can improve the elasticity of our blood vessels. Else these elements may have an excellent antioxidant effect and can protect the cells from destruction of membranes and intracellular structures.

It is believed that flavonoids are able to prevent tissue injury from excessive release of histamines.

In addition they are a great creditprofile of gallstones, because such elements are able to activate the flow of bile, preventing its stagnation inside the gallbladder. Continue reading

Sunflower seeds benefits and harms

Sunflowers are not always considered by people as a food source, although this plant is known for a very long time. Earlier they were used as a beautiful interior elements – like flowers in the sun, and to afford those flowers could not poor citizens. Now sunflower seeds are known to each of us. Seeds are roasted and are eaten as an affordable and tasty delicacy, made of sweet confectionery products (halva, kozinaki), squeeze useful vegetable oil. Despite some caveats doctors, they were and remain one of the most popular delicacies of our compatriots.

What attracted sunflower seeds, the benefits and harms are forced to doubt and controversy? Why we can eat them without stopping, forgetting about time and not thinking about possible consequences?

What benefits sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are rich in fat-soluble vitamins, for example, they contain so much vitamin D that can give odds even cod liver. They contain vitamin a and vitamin e which are natural antioxidants that protect the cells of our body from radiation, toxic substances, and protect against cancer. Thanks to these vitamins improves vision, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, improves the structure and appearance of hair and nails.

In the old days click pips advised of longing and melancholy, theparasite that replenishes the deficiency of b vitamins (especially folic acid) and vitamin C, the lack of which can develop depression. Continue reading

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