Medicinal herbs

Processing and packing of dried plant material representing medicinal herbs, is the main activity of the company we represent. Our experts work with plants that have medicinal properties and used as medicine. All raw materials are initially grows and is harvested in ecologically clean regions of the North Caucasus, Altai, and the Crimea. After harvesting the medicinal plants supplied to our company. The main direction of activity of our organization is related to the production and subsequent sale of bulk medicinal herbs.

Special attention in the production process is paid to quality of manufactured products. Each stage of processing and packing of medicinal herbs is strictly controlled. Closely monitored the quality of raw materials and the finished product. Our company has specialized warehouses. Data warehouses allow you to follow all the necessary rules of storage of raw materials, our experts are constantly engaged in the manufacture of medicinal herbs in bulk, which further implement wholesale.

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists, so we guarantee high quality of products manufactured in our company. We strive for mutually beneficial cooperation and create comfortable and favorable conditions for our customers. Attractive wholesale prices will pleasantly surprise any buyer. Thanks to the excellent quality of the finished product clients return to our company and cooperation with them becomes permanent. Our organization is achieving some success, stops and stands still. We continuously develop new products, our catalog of medical herbs. Continue reading

Orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany

The world’s highest level of development orthopedic rehabilitation medicine is located in Germany. German clinic will perform the entire treatment process in close connection with the rehabilitation, because the success of any operation depends on the subsequent recovery phase.

Among the features of rehabilitation in Germany in the field of orthopedics to mention the fact that it is mandatory in any case of surgery. This approach ensures “correct” the effect of treatment and a high degree of efficiency restore overall health.

Orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany can be carried out both inpatient and outpatient, depending on the diagnostic indications and the patient’s wishes.

Advantages orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany

Orthopedic rehabilitation clinics in Germany are equipped with high-tech equipment and innovative programs of rehabilitation therapy, not yet available in other clinics around the world. In addition, the German orthopedic clinics widely use traditional methods resort rehabilitation, which makes the recovery process shorter and easier. By the way, the word “resort” has German roots and means “place of healing”. Orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany is done in full compliance with the latest achievements of science and technology as well as the harmonious combination with fundamental knowledge.

Besides orthopedic programs are developed by specialists for each specific patient based on already acquired experience of dealing with such problems. Complex treatment programmes are always developed individually with the correct alternation of phases of rest and the load, under careful supervision of specialists. Continue reading

Treatment of rhinitis and the common cold folk remedies
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Diagnosis of food allergie and the victory over it
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The use of pepper in traditional medicine
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