Why would anyone need physical therapy

In 1971 it became clear that a small current can be used for therapeutic purposes, in particular for bone repair after fracture. Today, modern physical therapy successfully uses different kinds of currents for the treatment of many diseases and blocking pain symptoms.

About physiotherapy as a non-drug approach to the treatment told the doctor – physiotherapist Nina Litvinova .

Is it true that physical therapy was known in ancient times?

Nina Litvinova . Of course, ancient people used to treat the natural environment, sun, water, air. Physical therapy came to us from the distant past. Today we know that natural factors for the treatment were used in Greece, Rome, America. It is known that people have long known about treatment options hot and cold compresses, steam baths, method of irrigation of bowels in gastric diseases has also been known. In Egypt for the first time began to use mud.

— What treatment methods are considered to be physical therapy today?

— Physiotherapy is the treatment of natural factors and artificial conditions. The natural is all that, anyway,is taken from natural sources. It dirt, air, sun, mineral water, sea water and so on. Artificial methods of physiotherapy appeared along with the development of physics, the advent of electricity. This so-called reformed, there are hardware factors that have been used for medicinal purposes. With them the modern man is facing today in the hospital — it magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound and other. Continue reading

Healthy facial masks on the basis of sour cream

Sour cream is a truly unique product with valuable nutritional properties and rich in many nutrients.

In the composition of fresh sour cream contains calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, manganese and other minerals.

It is also rich in essential fatty acids, natural sugar and many other vital substances.

Experts say that adding in regular daily diet only one tablespoon of sour cream will have a beneficial impact on the rest of the body.

However, this product has gained wide popularity not only as an integral component of many dishes, but also excellent as a cosmetic.

A lot of folk recipes of beauty based on the use of sour cream.

Since ancient times, people in Russia knew about the wonderful properties of this dairy product.

Learn how to prepare facial mask with protein. for different skin types.

Mask for acne with aspirin all about the effective implementation of such cosmetics here .

Cream perfectly softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, saturating it with useful fats and minerals.

In addition, she has a good whitening effect. Continue reading

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