The treatment of alcoholism folk remedies

The alcohol in all periods of our history was considered one of the most common problems. This dependence every day around the world is the cause:

the loss of a job;


immoral conduct ;


indifference to loved ones and even to their own children;

increase liver disease. in particular cirrhosis;

frequent accidents and more.

Alcoholism – what is the reason?

In the basis of alcoholism two dependencies: physical and psychological.

The latter often becomes the beginning, as future patient is trying with the help of spirits to find a way out of a difficult situation, to relax, to unwind, and so forth. But whatever the primary motivation, the result is almost always the same. The following two types according to support and potentiate each other.

Then how to cure alcoholism? How to help a loved one return to his previous life? That is why alcoholism treatment is not an easy task and requires a multifaceted approach.

The treatment of alcohol dependence

In accordance with the basis of this disease, the treatment involves getting rid of physical and psychological dependence. It is extremely important vozdeistvovat both links of this problem to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

At the moment there are many treatment centers offering various remedies treat alcoholism, but unfortunately, not everyone is ready to openly admit to themselves and to others that he has a strong addiction and it is not able to handle this myself. That is why many are trying to cope with the problem independently. Also quite often close outside the purview of the patient using methods of treating alcoholism at home.

The treatment of alcoholism folk remedies

The treatment of alcoholism folk remedies reflects centuries-old experience of dealing with this medical and social disease. People, including witch doctors, healers, found in grasses and other plants specific properties that reduce the craving to alcohol. All this accumulated and passed down from generation to generation.

Sensitivity to one or another method of treating patients for alcoholism different. Often the sufferer or his loved ones have to try any recipe and method.

There are many folk remedies for alcohol addiction, based on the preparation of herbal decoctions and infusions, using other plants and biomaterials, for example, honey.

Treatment of alcoholism with herbs and other plants

The most extensive group of folk remedies for alcoholism is herbal teas. Tinctures are extremely rare, as they almost all are prepared on the basis of alcohol.

Almost all the recipes use the following herbs: thyme (or thyme), wormwood, wild ginger. They have the ability to cause physical aversion to alcohol. Here are some recipes.

Miraculous the gathering of herbs against alcoholism:

dry crushed herb thyme – 2 tablespoons;

grass centaury – 1 teaspoon;

the bitter herb wormwood – 1 teaspoon

Mix thoroughly, if necessary, to grind, take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour a quarter liter of boiling water. For 2-3 hours, take 2 tbsp before meals 5 times a day. To achieve a lasting result, the decoction should be consumed daily for 3 months.

“Otvoroty” recipe:

For its preparation you need to take a dessert spoon of grass European ungulates and pour a glass of boiling water, then simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is necessary to cool and add in alcohol (for every 100 ml of 1 tablespoon of broth). Causes repeated vomiting and thereby generates negative emotions to the use of alcohol in the patient. So to treat alcoholism is possible only in the absence of medical contraindications (erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer, esophagitis, epilepsy and others).

The Duo against dependencies:

The bitter herb wormwood – 1 teaspoon;

Grass centaury – 1 tsp..

Chop and pour a glass of hot water, bring to a boil over moderate heat, allow to cool and give to drink throughout the day to the patient. After 2-3 weeks, should have an aversion to any alcohol.

Bay leaf or pumpkin seeds?

The meaning of this folk prescription treatment of alcoholism is to avert the cooking liquor. In 1 liter of any alcohol 7-8 add Laurel leaves and insist 7-10 days. Or 1 Cup pumpkin seeds ground into a powder and pour the same amount of the drink evil, insist 2 weeks. You then strain the infusion and offer to drink to the patient.

Bay leaf and pumpkin seeds in combination with alcohol causes severe gastrointestinal disorder that may be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Be used with caution.

Treatment of alcoholism with herbs is one of the best, as can not only cause aversion, but also to reduce the effects of alcohol .

Folk methods of treatment of alcohol dependence

There is a national alcoholism treatment without the need to use decoctions and tinctures. An example of this method is the birch smoke. For the correct procedure should be carefully sprinkle the birch wood sugar, dilute them with fire as soon as they are well burned – to extinguish. The patient should bend and in a few minutes to breathe birch smoke, then drink 100 grams of vodka. Sometimes it is enough one such session for the formation of a persistent aversion to alcohol.


Despite the variety of means of treating alcoholism is a difficult task, especially if the disease duration exceeds 3 years. Of course, to defeat this ailment is much easier if the sufferer is aware of the problem and provides assistance to themselves and others.

Best treatment for alcoholism comprehensively with the use of both traditional and folk remedies. This approach increases the chance of success and allows you to recover lost health.

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