Resort the course of cleansing the body by Myra

In Germany a very popular technique of cleaning the body of toxins, the technique of system recovery. It is based on the principles developed by Franz Xavier Myra. His school for about a hundred years – but the popularity and demand for perennial.

Franz Xaver Mayr was, generally speaking, the Austrian doctor. But he developed the technique of Spa purifying treatment is widely used in Austria and Germany with its vast resort infrastructure, and also in Switzerland and in the German-speaking area of Bolzano (South Tyrol) in the Italian Alps.

In short, this is quite significant part of contemporary German culture, its sections relating to health, personal self-awareness and self-esteem. There is an officially recognized resort technique called F.-X.-Mayr-Kur – recovery by F. X. Mayr. Myra. One of its notorious advantages is that the courses of purification can be performed at home, not looking up from the everyday Affairs. But a more full effect is achieved in the context of tourism, in combination with preliminary medical examinations, more detailed and individualized assignments, under the supervision of experts.

The course of cleansing the body by Myra offered by many Spa clinics in Germany and Spa-hotels with officialregistration program. If desired, this course can also be done in the monastery, under the supervision of both doctors and have no medical training of monks (nuns), in a harmonious combination of bodily and spiritual purification. Considering that the monasteries of Germany, offering a worldly Wellness programs, are located in picturesque areas and are themselves architectural masterpieces and important cultural monuments, such treatment not only affect your body but will also leave an unforgettable mark on the soul.

But returning to the technique of Myra, we note that its versatility and broad practical sense gave rise to a special, grateful attitude on the part of both patients and professionals.

Along with the term F.-X.-Mayr-Kur was born and caught the notion of medicine Myra. Today it belongs to the category of holistic medicine is a very important section of comprehensive treatment, covering all areas of the body and on all “floors” of the self. Actively and productively operate the German society of holistic medicine Myra (F. X. Mayr Ganzheitliche Medizin) and the International society of doctors for Myra (Mayr Prevent). Indeed – Mayr sweeping the planet!

The original is better than copy

Maira technique now popular in Russia. Wellness centers, practitioners, including those operating under alternative medicine, willing to include her in their program.

But those Russians, who held a cleansing course in Myra in Germany or in another Alpine country, note and higher saturation, and the effectiveness of rehabilitation in its original context.

Of course, not only in the fact that in the homeland of Myra “and walls help”. Impact and higher level of the resort business, and more complete possession of the technique, demonstrated by the German (Austrian, Swiss) experts.

The majority of Russian doctors and practitioners healers studied the method of Myra hearsay or “third hands”. Of course, needless to say about official certification of their skills – even if you filed executed on the printer diploma some non-existent “European Academy”.

Therapeutic structures and specialists in Germany, licensed to practice by Myra, properly trained, their work is monitored by the health authorities. Here everything is real, all certified by real guarantees. So if you want to undergo a treatment in Myra, it is better to go to Germany. Positive effect positive and negative can not afraid – will not be tolerated.

Not a little bird – and from trusted sources

The perpetuation of misconceptions Russians about therapeutic principles contribute to a Myra and media, sinking down to some “shock point”, but generally covering the topic very simplistically.

So, there is a prevailing opinion, though the course of purification of the organism by the method of Mayra – this is a technique of weight loss. Actually this is a method that enables fat people to lose weight. Often a treatment in Myra are exactly that purpose: to lose weight. But overall, the technique shows how fat people and thin, as getting rid of toxins is the effective measure for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, both associated and not associated with excess weight.

A common standard method description Myra is “a diet of milk and bread rolls”. Indeed, these products form the basis of therapeutic diet – but the main importance is given to correct NUTRITIONAL PRINCIPLES, and not on WHAT man eats. In fact, at the time of the course and allowed some other products, not only the buns with milk.

Incorrect and the perception that courses Maira contraindicated many people, from pregnant women to sick. The analysis method conducted by independent experts at the request of the influential German weekly magazine Stern, was allowed to strike out almost any contraindications. According to modern medical findings, the course of purification by Myra can be shown to people of any age, including children, as well as virtually any physiological condition, including pregnancy. As a notorious contra-indications recognized only the presence of mental health and some serious diseases: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, malignant tumors. By the way, regarding cancer patients is disclaimer: in case of incurable or left untreated, cancer in the course of purification is contraindicated. Patients who undergo cancer treatment, the course of cleansing the body, on the contrary, may be appointed in soft version.

Markings and suspicions about disorders of the intestine, which allegedly may be caused by taking laxatives salts (one of the elements of the art of Maira). When uncontrolled procedures bowel cleansing is not excluded. If to hold a proportionate cleansing under supervision of experts – there is no risk. This, incidentally, is another argument in favor of having to undergo purification under qualified supervision, in Germany – where to prevent side effects of any therapy attach particular importance.

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