Potatoes in folk medicine

In combination with drugs potato speeds up the treatment of these diseases. It is included in the diet of patients with atherosclerosis, hypertension, circulatory insufficiency, nephritis, hepatic insufficiency. Apply potato fasting diet.

At high acidity of gastric juice in diet include boiled and pureed potatoes.

From ancient times in folk medicine potato cure burns, weeping eczema, and even face.

In the treatment of eczema a paste of raw freshly grated tubers are placed on twice folded linen bandage and apply to the burn site on 1-0. 5 hours. Bands change 5-6 times a day.

Dry starch in cotton wool in the form of a dry compress is applied on the affected erysipelas place.

The healing properties of the action of potatoes for burns and skin diseases due to the right combination of healing vitamins C and P, corned beef and starch. Due to its anti-bacterial properties of the potato creates an inhospitable environment for microbes, enhances the disintegration of pus.

In the case of a snake bite on the Indians of Brazil are in a hurry to dig up Bush potatoes, tubers squeeze out the juice and drink it. Still in many countries of Latin America the old people with headache prikladyvaya forehead cut slices of raw potato.

When disease of the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by increased dry cough, use of potato steam inhalation. For this purpose, the potatoes are boiled in their skins, in a little water to steam was from potatoes, not water.

You can boil the smallest tubers and even cleaning. When it is ready, boil the potatoes, or cover with a clean towel or other clean cloth and crouching over a pan of potato steam is inhaled through the nose and mouth for 10-15 minutes During this procedure the patient is useful and a head cover with a towel. If cooked peeled potatoes, then inhale its steam only after pumping out remaining water.

The therapeutic effect during inhalation is caused not only by the action of moist hot steam, but also tubers antimicrobial substances (phenolic compounds, etc.).

Boiled in their jackets, mashed potatoes and used as a hot compress for the upper chest and back. For this purpose, boiled in their jackets potatoes pounded, placed in a cloth bag and applied hot to the sore spot chest or back.

Widely used in folk medicine, and potato starch. Take it orally in the form of jelly (brewed in hot water) in case of poisoning (after the liberation of the stomach) as a means of enveloping and protecting the stomach lining.

Used in the form of powder for burns and chafing of the skin in children. When diaper rash for exterior powder starch you can add zinc oxide or talc.

Starch in cotton wool in the form of dry pack is recommended with erysipelas.

The starch powder with hemp or sunflower oil is used for inflammation of the rib gland (mastitis).

Starch paste or slime from starch are used in enemas in the treatment of poisoning as enveloping means to protect digestive tract from getting different infections.

Infusions from the flowers of potatoes lowers blood pressure and stimulate breathing.

However, the potatoes completely exclude diseases of the bowel (enteritis, ethereality, colitis in the acute stage). Limit the consumption of potatoes and urolithiasis, in the diet of patients with diabetes mellitus and in the third degree of obesity (excess body mass by 60% in comparison with the established norm).

How to improve the taste of potatoes?

Potatoes, like bread, is never boring. To properly boil the potatoes, he should be put into boiling water and cook over moderate heat, tightly closed lid. Do not pour lot of water, it should only lightly cover the top of the tuber.

The starch from the potatoes at home

Get potato starch at home quite simply. And most importantly, that it does not need any special potatoes. Suitable for starch and waste: damaged and frostbitten potatoes, small.

Recipes the most popular dishes from potatoes

Sliced for frying potatoes, rinse in cold water. Then dry it, throwing in a colander or sieve. Potatoes, add salt and put a layer no more than 5 cm at the hot pan with butter or oil and fry for a uniform heat until tender.

Potatoes in human nutrition

Any of us knows how to cook a potato. Everyone has to do it. But according to the rules if we do this?

What metrics determine food, feed and technical value of potatoes?

The potato is the most important daily food. He, like bread, almost never boring and can not be replaced.

And as for that potato got its name?

Even Pedro Chiesa de Leon in his book “Chronicle of Peru” reported that the Indians of South America raw potatoes are called Papa, and dried — “chunu”.

Whence came to us the potato and why is it so named?

The Motherland of potato is South America (Chile, Peru), where he now grows in the wild state in mountain areas. In the Andes at altitude between 500 m and 4.5 km can be found in almost all known species of this tuberous plants.

The history of origin of potatoes

Potatoes, one could say, opened three times. The first discovery in ancient times was made by the Indians, second in the XVI century, the Spanish, and the third, Russian scientists in the 20th years of this century.

The potato is the second bread

Perhaps, quite naturally, the potato is often called “second bread”. Many times a bad harvest for grain crops, he saved people from starvation.

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