Physiotherapy in the treatment of scoliosis

We talked about the effectiveness of physical therapy and different kinds of corsets in correction of posture, however, the possibilities of modern medicine are not limited. Today we will talk about assistive physiotherapeutic methods that help to improve metabolism and blood flow, eliminate inflammatory processes and redistribute muscle tone (when the scoliosis of the back muscles constantly working and constantly tense, and some, on the contrary, weakens and atrophies).

Physiotherapy has evolved over many centuries, so their efficiency is checked by long practice. In some cases, especially in children and at low degrees of scoliosis, these methods allow for a short period of time to achieve significant results. However, physical therapy remains an auxiliary tool, because without reinforcement of muscles specially selected exercises and eliminate the causes of scoliosis the effect of them will be short-lived.

For scoliosis, the following physiotherapy techniques: massage therapy, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, power shower, magnetic therapy, ultrahigh-frequency therapy (UHF), laser therapy, electrical stimulation, mud baths, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy. Some of them are widely used, others have a number of contraindications, so their purpose can only deal with the attending physician. However, readers good to have a General idea of sushestvuyet methods of physiotherapy, and we will consider them in more detail.

Therapeutic massage

Massage, promotes the normalization of the tonus of all the muscles of the back and improve blood circulation, relieves pain and reduces fatigue. Massage on back, neck, sacrum, lower back and belly need to do to achieve Wellness goals and in consequence to a complete cure of the disease of the spine. The main thing is that massage did not cause the patient pain or discomfort (this indicates excessive intensity of impact). The patient between sessions can actively use massage chairs that complement a comprehensive physical therapy, but do not replace a therapeutic massage.

Power Shower

This pleasant procedure provides a massaging effect with a jet of water which is supplied under certain pressure. If related to the area of the curve of the back is possible to achieve deformity correction. However, it should be understood that excessive pressure may amplify pain and cause further deformation. As a consequence, in professional rehabilitation centers this procedure is performed under a constant control by the instructor.


Electrical stimulation is one of the main methods to correct muscle spasms (“clips”) that are often formed in diseases of the back with encroachment of spinal nerves. With the help of certain electric pulses successfully eliminate the pain, which is formed due to local compression of the nerve root of the muscle that is in a state of hypertonicity. Indication for the use of electrical myostimulation is not only scoliosis, but also osteochondrosis, spondylosis and even disc herniation.


This physical therapy method is widely known that accelerates the penetration of anti-inflammatory and pain medication into the body through the skin under the influence of the galvanic current. The efficiency of the method due to the ability of certain drugs to ionize under the action of electric current and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where they continue to “work” for 3 weeks. Thus locally introduced drugs do not have a toxic effect on the body, and can even introduce several drugs in different parts of the body simultaneously.


Ultrasonic wave is not perceived by the human ear, but human tissue react to it. Ultrasound is able to penetrate into the human body to a depth of 6 cm When the local ultrasonic impact on the region of the curvature improves blood circulation and relieves inflammatory syndrome in the area of soft tissue. With ultrasound you can also enter medications under the skin and thus quickly eliminate painful lesions along the spine. The method is characterized by fewer side effects in comparison with the use of muscle relaxants or painkillers.


Thermotherapy, or heat therapy is the combination of physiotherapy techniques, using heat from natural and artificial sources. Depending on the nature of the applied heat distinguish between wet heat (water of the local baths, douches, hot compresses, mud, peat, clay, etc.) and dry heat (hot-water bottles, sand, paraffin, ozokerite or Montan wax, electro-bath and dry air). Use thermotherapy is shown to improve blood and lymph circulation, strengthening of exchange processes, the formation of the biologically active substances and increased regeneration, resorption products of tissue decay. All this leads to anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic effects.


The application of mud procedures, or peloidotherapy, children and adolescents with scoliosis promotes normalization of neuromuscular excitability and energy security, increased muscle blood flow and to improve the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. After a course of mud (not less than 10 procedures) of patients improves posture, decreases the value of asymmetry, increases strength and endurance of back muscles.


Therapeutic baths for the spine are assigned to raise the General tone of the body and used in the period of remission of pain (however severe pain exposure to elevated temperatures can cause increased compression syndrome in the infringement of the spinal discs in the vertebral holes). What made us select this, it would seem, the thermal procedure is in a separate paragraph? The fact that the main focus of this physiotherapeutic method is not so much the temperature of the water, how to dissolve in it the curative substance, amplifying the effect: sea salt, decoctions of chamomile, sage, calendula, etc.

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is a natural method of healing, as each person daily affects the magnetic field of our planet. This method has no contraindications, and performance not inferior to many other physiotherapeutic methods. The magnetic field positively influences the blood supply in the affected area, speeds up the recovery of cells after damage.

Laser therapy

This method is relatively young, but already gained huge popularity. Laser therapy uses the amplified beam of light consisting of ultraviolet, infrared and red spectra. The impact of them on the sore area of the spine has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Laser therapy also helps relieve swelling in the sore area and boosts the metabolism. These properties also allow the use of laser therapy in the treatment of many diseases of the spine for back pain: back pain, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, herniated discs.


Ultrahigh-frequency therapy is a method of treatment in which the body of the patient, there is an influence of the eclectic field of ultrahigh frequency. Under its influence the tissues oscillation of the ions and the orientation of the dipoles of charged particles. Thus electrical energy is converted into heat. The impact of high-frequency waves helps eliminate the scoliotic arc by relaxing the muscle groups in the affected area and relieving the inflammatory changes in the soft tissues. When these waves impact on biologically active points of the body can cause a reaction of the body and thus start the process of healing of any affected organ.

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