Alternative medicine in the treatment of acne

The skin disease known as acne begins to develop when hair follicles (sacs from which hair grows) become clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria and a mixture of fats called sebum. Removing all of these substances through the pores (holes in the upper part of the follicle) does not occur, and the skin form pimples.

Alternative medicine aims primarily to strengthen defenses to prevent outbreaks of acne and also to reduce the inflammation and scarring associated with the disease. Representatives of traditional medicine believe that dietary factors have very little impact on acne, but many professionals practicing alternative medicine do not agree with this.

Diet therapy in the treatment of acne

Experts in the field of dietetics are of the opinion that certain foods provoke the production of excess sebum and therefore should be avoided. At the head of the list of such products refined carbohydrates (sugar) and foods rich in saturated fats. And Yes – this list includes chocolate. The fats found in milk, and hormones can also be a problem for some people. Should be avoided and foods rich in iodine, including seafood and iodized salt. To improve the health of skin promotes diet consisting of whole grains, raw and prigotovlennaja a few vegetables, fruits and legumes. Continue reading

Alternative medicine

In order to start a conversation about alternative medicine, it is necessary to clarify the terminology – what are alternative therapies, methods of diagnosis and treatment are used in it, what place it occupies in medical science.
The alternative is the need to select from two(or more) possible solutions (the dictionary of Russian of S. I. Ozhegova).
Either choice is fraught with doubts, difficulties or pleasant expectations. The latter is rarely the lot of doctors who, with all the optimism is ready for extreme manifestations and disease outcomes. The choice of treatment can be an important professional, ethical, volitional, or step, especially in addressing issues at the intersection of medical specialties, there is an alternative solution. In our life most often it is, if we want to see her. However, adopt an alternative solution is not easy, as generations of predecessors have formed stereotypes, denoting them by the canons of science and the profession. At the same time, these canons of conventional and not so durable in the scale of human civilizations. They often change even within one generation of doctors and again after some time. Examples are the evolution of the philosophy of medicine, approaches to health maintenance, treatment and many others.
Medicine originated as a means of self – help and mutual aid, later to become the lot of able and successful in their work people – healers, priests, shamans, etc. over the centuries and millennia, before the clans were formed professional healers who transmit their knowledge from father to son, from teacher to student. It took several more centuries before the formation of scientific medicine in its modern sense. Indisputable how this science of medicine? Apparently, just as much as our perception of the world corresponds to reality and how skillfully and adequately implemented the achievement of big science in medicine. Continue reading

The weirdest treatments in medical history

Since ancient times the main principle of medicine is “do No harm”.

But in the recent past, doctors and other professionals often resorted to rather questionable methods . including those that we now believe to be ineffective and sometimes dangerous.

In the history of medicine was used a lot of strange tonics, medicines and courses of treatment, ranging from mercury to heroin.

The history of medicine

1. Moldy bread

Moldy bread in Ancient Egypt it was used to disinfect cuts. Despite what it sounds like, a mad treatment, actually it has a meaning. As later discovered by the famous French microbiologist Louis Pasteur . some species of mushrooms inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause disease, as for example, penicillin.

2. Methamphetamine

This method has become popular thanks to Adolf Hitler, who was a hypochondriac. His doctor was giving him injections of vitamins, which sometimes was added the narcotic substance methamphetamine. Injections supported the führer “energetic, attentive, active, talkative and able to stay awake at night for many hours”. Continue reading

The treatment of alcoholism folk remedies

The alcohol in all periods of our history was considered one of the most common problems. This dependence every day around the world is the cause:

the loss of a job;


immoral conduct ;


indifference to loved ones and even to their own children;

increase liver disease. in particular cirrhosis;

frequent accidents and more.

Alcoholism – what is the reason?

In the basis of alcoholism two dependencies: physical and psychological.

The latter often becomes the beginning, as future patient is trying with the help of spirits to find a way out of a difficult situation, to relax, to unwind, and so forth. But whatever the primary motivation, the result is almost always the same. The following two types according to support and potentiate each other.

Then how to cure alcoholism? How to help a loved one return to his previous life? That is why alcoholism treatment is not an easy task and requires a multifaceted approach. Continue reading

Medicine quacks, or the power of this ancient medicine

Traditional medicine is the totality of forms of alternative medicine, mainly combining sorcery or healing, schools of Oriental medicine and treatment, which does not require industrial production of drugs. The term traditional medicine includes a set of methods and means of folk medicine, accumulated centuries of experience of treatment methods and application of various therapeutic agents. The origins of traditional medicine have their origins at the dawn of mankind, it is a historically ancient concept that was improved with the development of society.

Do not be afraid of the word “powwow” is from the word “to know”, “be in charge”. Ancient medicine was supported by the healing, spiritual, healing body and soul to folk healers. The power of the spirit of these traditional healers were given power to heal the ailments of the people, therefore this medicine was called medicine elected or sorcerers.

Folk medicine has always been closely connected with the spiritual traditions of the people. From generation to generation was passed down the accumulated wisdom. In Russian villages since time immemorial the advice of healers and quacks. At the core of most popular treatments is the use of the healing properties of the human nature. To have survived a large number of ancient “herbalist”, which contain descriptions of medicinal plants and their uses. On Rosaramicin was widely practiced even before the adoption of Christianity. One evidence of this is containing information on medicinal plants “Izbornik Grand Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavovych” (1076 year). Preserved copy of the Russian herbalist “Masi”, the originator of which was the granddaughter of Vladimir Monomakh-Eupraxia. However, folk medicine is not limited to the use of herbs. Continue reading

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