Fishing for piranhas and shaman

Woke up at four o’clock. A night to remember, head does not hurt! Took a cold shower and started getting ready. On the appointed morning was a hike. Fishing for piranhas. Leh – the particular fisherman, I couldn’t deny myself this pleasure. Behind the wall he heard the groan Legino a cold shower. At half-past four all began to Wake up and prepare. Had Breakfast with an assortment of local fruits and with their disgusting coffee. Had the river to get to some backwater. Gathered at the reception, chose boots for size and color, put on some repellent and pacaveli through the jungle to the dock. The track was not long. The river again and again these beauties. Dawn on the road. Sailed to the place walked through the jungle to the old river bed. Among the greenery here and there flashed a sudden flowers of the most bizarre forms and colors. Somewhere high was screaming not in Russian birds. It was damp and smelled of mushrooms. Ahead glistened the water.

The shore approached by a catamaran, that is, the same two cakes connected by a platform with benches. In the back there was a huge paddle, with which the structure moved along the surface of fairly clear water. Our new guide Luis (Oscar could not resist the new year’s eve and was sick in the Lodge) asked us not making a lot of noise. Just splashed the paddle, and softly broke in the clouds, the sun, piercing the clear air, Prozrachnaya, lush green shores and the sounds of bird life. We were in Paradise. Louis was showing towards the helmsman, and a catamaran was heading to the place where he observed birds. Continue reading

Herbs for weight loss fat-burning

Good day my dear readers! In this article I want to talk to you about herbs for weight loss fat-burning, namely :

how herbs help burn fat

what herbs have a thermogenic effect

is it possible to do taxes or is it better to drink every herb separately

how to choose a grass diet and not harm your health

Fees for weight loss should not be considered as miraculous infusions for instant fat loss, but they can only push the body to fight obesity. Active components included in the composition of plants can affect the metabolism, regulate their activities and speed up the process of weight loss. The purpose of taking herbs is to put an end to the imbalance, which steadily leads to weight gain.

So, let’s look at what herbs are for losing weight or which groups are divided. There are 4 basic groups:

thermogenic effect — the effect of increasing fat burning

detoxification — cleansing action

diuretic effect — reduction of water retention in the body

herbs to reduce appetite

Herbs for slimming, rigaudiere

Thermogenic plants activates or speeds up metabolism and thereby increase body temperature, which leads to a rapid loss of fat in the body. There are herbs that cause a feeling of fullness, while others work by increasing energy expenditure. Continue reading

Animals that are treated

In the capital of our Republic, in the lobby of the building of the Agricultural College took place on 25 March an exciting and spectacular event – an exhibition of pedigreed cats.

The exhibition organizers are the President of the Biysk club of fans of cats “Kitty Friend” (“kitty friend”) Olesya Kozhevnikov and representatives valeologicheskogo center “fortune-cat” of the city of Barnaul (head Tatiana Dolenko). Both organizations are international felinologicheskiy Association, whose members communicate through the network “Internet” to “meow” forum.

Last summer, jointly organized cat show was held in the village of Maima. In Gorno-altajsk the event is held for the second time. While these shows, innovation is rarely pleasing to the eye pet lovers. In the future, says Olesya Kozhevnikova, the exhibition will be a permanent, one – and two-day and eventually everyone will be able afford to buy a purebred kitten. Next time the organizers plan to hold the same exhibition in August.

At the spring exhibition of their beloved Pets showed more than 60 owners. Visitors: and children, and adults marveled at fluffy cats, representing a wide variety of breeds: British, Scottish, Persian cats, Sphinx, big cats – manconi, exotic cornishrex, Kuril baltali other. In addition to the “Royal” blooded breeds in the exhibition participated and mixed cats and purebred, but no less graceful members of the cat world. Continue reading

Resort the course of cleansing the body by Myra

In Germany a very popular technique of cleaning the body of toxins, the technique of system recovery. It is based on the principles developed by Franz Xavier Myra. His school for about a hundred years – but the popularity and demand for perennial.

Franz Xaver Mayr was, generally speaking, the Austrian doctor. But he developed the technique of Spa purifying treatment is widely used in Austria and Germany with its vast resort infrastructure, and also in Switzerland and in the German-speaking area of Bolzano (South Tyrol) in the Italian Alps.

In short, this is quite significant part of contemporary German culture, its sections relating to health, personal self-awareness and self-esteem. There is an officially recognized resort technique called F.-X.-Mayr-Kur – recovery by F. X. Mayr. Myra. One of its notorious advantages is that the courses of purification can be performed at home, not looking up from the everyday Affairs. But a more full effect is achieved in the context of tourism, in combination with preliminary medical examinations, more detailed and individualized assignments, under the supervision of experts. Continue reading

Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants were widely used in ancient medicine. Their descriptions are found in the writings of the ancient classics of Hippocrates and Aristotle, Dioscorides and Galen. The first information about the use of medicinal plants in Russia belong to the XIII—XV centuries.

So far medicinal plants have been successfully used in the treatment of many serious diseases. Drugs of them every year are becoming increasingly popular. However, the stocks of medicinal plants are declining, many of them are already listed in the Red book of the USSR. It is therefore important to protection and rational use of their natural resources. In recent years plantations have greatly expanded the cultivated medicinal plants and increased their range. Only in specialized state farms they are grown almost 50 species and about 130 species harvested in the wild. And yet pharmacies are constantly experiencing a shortage of medicinal plants.

Great help in eliminating this deficit can provide to gardeners, creating on their sites “live green pharmacy”. In addition, a skillful planting of medicinal plants, and has decorative properties, give the site unique look. Some herbs are also good bee plants,the sources of aromatic raw materials, substitutes of tea. Continue reading

Natural medicine
Diseases of the joints. Treatment of folk remedies. Compresses in diseases of the joints AFTER the TREATMENT of the SPINE – THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Massage is indispensable in the complex treatment…

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Find doctors of alternative medicine from China Perm
Job found at Medical center alternative announces the opening of vacancies of the doctor of alternative medicine, reflexologist, girudoterapevt to Buy in Perm alternative medicine Chinese, East inexpensive in bulk…

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Medicinal plants and oil India
OUD WOOD (Aquilaria agallocha) Grows in India, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Oil Oud wood, also known as agar oil, is one of the most valuable in the world. It is…

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