Magic herbs: plantain

For centuries people lived in harmony with nature, and only the XX and XXI century brought about major changes in the ways of healing. The witch doctors were considered quacks, herbal medicine – an oddity. However, this plant did not become less useful. To this day people use them for treatment, and for good reason. One of the great natural healers is a plant known as plantain. It can cure a variety of diseases, most importantly the right approach. Something bothers you in terms of health? Do not be afraid of nature – just try it.

Every man, if he grew up in a rural area or at least used to go there often, knows that the wound need to put a piece of plantain. It has styptic and antiseptic. But this merit of modest roadside plants are not limited. It is used in many cases. Try to figure out how useful the plantain – because one day, it may be easier to apply harmless plant than medical antibiotic with sea side effects.

Use in cooking

Use healthful herbs in cooking is well known. Such a move is not conducive to making any particular flavor, but it helps to add utility to prepared meals. Of course, during the heat treatment most of the properties are lost. However,the benefits for the whole body and gastrointestinal tract in particular, remains. Continue reading

Diagnosis of food allergie and the victory over it

Food Allergy is the cause of every fifth case of itching and redness of the skin in dogs. It with the same frequency occurs in males and females, neutered and intact animals. The reaction may occur in Pets from five months to 12 years.

Animals often simultaneously suffer from airborne (particles in the air such as pollen or dust), and/or contact allergies. There is no connection between the breed of the dog and its reaction to certain foods.

A distinction should be made between a food Allergy and intolerance products. Food Allergy has typical symptoms in dogs are manifested in the form of scabies and other skin problems.

A food intolerance results in diarrhea or vomiting, but does not give the typical allergic reactions. It looks more like indigestion from eating spicy or fried food.

What to do?

Immediately start with the most interesting: to treat food Allergy is meaningless. Enough to achieve the exclusion from the diet of the allergen, and the symptoms will disappear. The immune response of the body to return to normal, and everything will disappear like a bad dream. Continue reading

Potatoes in folk medicine

In combination with drugs potato speeds up the treatment of these diseases. It is included in the diet of patients with atherosclerosis, hypertension, circulatory insufficiency, nephritis, hepatic insufficiency. Apply potato fasting diet.

At high acidity of gastric juice in diet include boiled and pureed potatoes.

From ancient times in folk medicine potato cure burns, weeping eczema, and even face.

In the treatment of eczema a paste of raw freshly grated tubers are placed on twice folded linen bandage and apply to the burn site on 1-0. 5 hours. Bands change 5-6 times a day.

Dry starch in cotton wool in the form of a dry compress is applied on the affected erysipelas place.

The healing properties of the action of potatoes for burns and skin diseases due to the right combination of healing vitamins C and P, corned beef and starch. Due to its anti-bacterial properties of the potato creates an inhospitable environment for microbes, enhances the disintegration of pus.

In the case of a snake bite on the Indians of Brazil are in a hurry to dig up Bush potatoes, tubers squeeze out the juice and drink it. Still in many countries of Latin America the old people with headache prikladyvaya forehead cut slices of raw potato. Continue reading

Treatment of rhinitis and the common cold folk remedies

In this paper we consider the question of how to implement the treatment of the common cold and the common cold folk remedies at home. The recipes for herbal decoctions and inhalations.

Folk remedies treat a cold

Antipyretic when expressed catarrhal phenomena can serve as a decoction of pearl barley: 100 g of cereal, pour a liter of water and boil on slow fire for 10-15 minutes, let cool slightly and strain. To enhance the taste, you can add a tablespoon of Linden honey. Entire dose should be taken in one dose at night. Children reduce the dose depending on age (1 dessert or 1 tsp).

Cold. Treatment of folk remedies

• Top with fresh raspberry stems (15-20 cm) cut lengthwise, pour a liter of boiling water and boil 15-20 minutes on low heat (dark cherry), infuse half hours in thermos. Daily drinking a glass from chronic colds.

• Incomplete tablespoon of sugar to hold it over the fire, until it becomes dark brown. Then pour the melted sugar into a saucer of milk. Of sugar candy to keep the mouth until resorption. It helps in dry cough.

• You can get rid of a cold with chest of tea from plantain leaves, liveticker, herb thyme, mint, oregano, red clover, leaves mother and stepmother, leaves and fruit of wild Apple trees, the roots of marshmallow, elecampane and licorice. Continue reading

Medicinal herbs and fees cough

With the onset of the first cold start of the seasonal diseases, which are accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms. Cough, runny nose, feeling of weakness throughout my body, constant chills — who does not know these harbingers of colds?

But nothing gives so much trouble and discomfort, as severe cough.

It all starts with a sense of tickling in the throat, which increases every day. A person can not sleep at night because of intense fits of coughing that distracted from the work and can not fully relax.

Not only that, the much exhausting cough of a sick person and everyone around you — in some cases, the cough may be an independent symptom that is not accompanied by fever. This means only one thing: the person who is suffering from severe cough, can not get sick and have to be at work.

Currently there are hundreds of medicines cough. It’s all kinds of tablets, pills, syrups, ointments and so on. But in all cases, these preparations contain a large number of active substances of chemical nature of origin. Many of these substances virtually do not help because of the habit of tolerance in bacteria.

Other drugs contain derivatives of codeine or ephedrine, has a strong sedative effect. Therefore, to treat cough better by means of traditional medicine — special levies and herbs that help get rid of annoying coughing in the shortest possible time. Continue reading

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