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Medicinal plants and oil India

OUD WOOD (Aquilaria agallocha)

Grows in India, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Oil Oud wood, also known as agar oil, is one of the most valuable in the world. It is produced only from old trees affected by the fungus.

Aroma . strong, sweet-woody, almost balsamic, similar to the smell of natural benzoin Siam sweetness reminiscent of sandalwood.

Essential oil made from wood Oud wood, ravnovesiye acts on all organs, especially the heart.

In addition, it calms the nervous system, the senses and the brain that allows you to activate and harmonize the mental and spiritual processes and to look inside yourself.

Oil supports the positive effect of fasting exercises and meditation, and promotes the development of imagination.

Purifying and balancing energy, relaxing, rejuvenating.

Methods of use: bath Oil, inhalation.

Bath oil: the Best way to apply oil Oud wood combined with some other oils considered a stress-reducing evening bath, soothing the nerves and the soul:

Oud wood – 4 drops Sandalwood – 4 drops, Geranium 3 drops, 1/2 Cup cream

Aroma lamp Continue reading

Why would anyone need physical therapy

In 1971 it became clear that a small current can be used for therapeutic purposes, in particular for bone repair after fracture. Today, modern physical therapy successfully uses different kinds of currents for the treatment of many diseases and blocking pain symptoms.

About physiotherapy as a non-drug approach to the treatment told the doctor – physiotherapist Nina Litvinova .

Is it true that physical therapy was known in ancient times?

Nina Litvinova . Of course, ancient people used to treat the natural environment, sun, water, air. Physical therapy came to us from the distant past. Today we know that natural factors for the treatment were used in Greece, Rome, America. It is known that people have long known about treatment options hot and cold compresses, steam baths, method of irrigation of bowels in gastric diseases has also been known. In Egypt for the first time began to use mud.

— What treatment methods are considered to be physical therapy today?

— Physiotherapy is the treatment of natural factors and artificial conditions. The natural is all that, anyway,is taken from natural sources. It dirt, air, sun, mineral water, sea water and so on. Artificial methods of physiotherapy appeared along with the development of physics, the advent of electricity. This so-called reformed, there are hardware factors that have been used for medicinal purposes. With them the modern man is facing today in the hospital — it magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound and other. Continue reading

Healthy facial masks on the basis of sour cream

Sour cream is a truly unique product with valuable nutritional properties and rich in many nutrients.

In the composition of fresh sour cream contains calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, manganese and other minerals.

It is also rich in essential fatty acids, natural sugar and many other vital substances.

Experts say that adding in regular daily diet only one tablespoon of sour cream will have a beneficial impact on the rest of the body.

However, this product has gained wide popularity not only as an integral component of many dishes, but also excellent as a cosmetic.

A lot of folk recipes of beauty based on the use of sour cream.

Since ancient times, people in Russia knew about the wonderful properties of this dairy product.

Learn how to prepare facial mask with protein. for different skin types.

Mask for acne with aspirin all about the effective implementation of such cosmetics here .

Cream perfectly softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, saturating it with useful fats and minerals.

In addition, she has a good whitening effect. Continue reading

Methods of physiotherapy

The magnetic field has such versatile therapeutic effect that can be used with a huge number of diseases. Due to the significant number of studies and wide use of magnetic therapy today is known for many therapeutic effects of magnetic fields on the human body.

The therapeutic effect of the magnetic field – improve the blood circulation and condition of blood vessels. Hence the diversity of its use. After all, the proper delivery of blood and nutrients largely determines the work of all human organs, the nervous system, bones and joints. Another component is to restore normal polarity cells, changed in response to changes in human organs. Third – revitalization of the work of enzyme systems.


Muscle toning (stimulation) as a treatment method known for a long time and is used in medicine 30 years.

Devices for myostimulation (muscle stimulation, pacemakers) are intended for therapeutic and preventive procedures in the outpatient and home settings in a number of diseases.
A muscle injury.

Violation of sensitivity of skin due to injuries and diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

Peripheral (flaccid) paresis and paralysis (limitation of active movements) as a result of injuries and diseases of the nerves (neuritis).

The degenerative disc disease. Continue reading

The history of the use and study of medicinal plants

Many plants, now included in the Pharmacopoeia of different countries and used in folk medicine have come from the practice of ancient peoples. For example, North American Indians from time immemorial knew about the healing properties of Goldenseal canadian and senegi. In China for 3000 years before our era, were familiar with the medicinal properties of rhubarb. LPV. ephedra. In Egypt, approximately in the same period was used for medicinal purposes, castor, opium poppy, Datura, mustard, sea onion and other herbs.

In the bazaars of China and other Oriental countries at the present time, there are the Apothecary’s shop, where you can meet representatives of numerous herbs of the ancient Arabic, Indian and Tibetan medicine, as well as with the compounding of medicines.

The history of these plants dates back to ancient Arabic, Indian, Chinese and Tibetan “herbalists”, which are the prototypes of the modern state Pharmacopoeia. These herbalists indicate the use of a very large variety of plants, which, by the calculation of some authors, reaches 12 000.

This wide range of medicinal herbs due to, primarily, the conditions in which nahodyaschehosya medicine, and that the appeal to nature in search of money from all sorts of illnesses was carried out by individual tribes and clans, who idolized nature and considered that all grass needs to contain any therapeutic substances. Continue reading

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