Orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany

The world’s highest level of development orthopedic rehabilitation medicine is located in Germany. German clinic will perform the entire treatment process in close connection with the rehabilitation, because the success of any operation depends on the subsequent recovery phase.

Among the features of rehabilitation in Germany in the field of orthopedics to mention the fact that it is mandatory in any case of surgery. This approach ensures “correct” the effect of treatment and a high degree of efficiency restore overall health.

Orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany can be carried out both inpatient and outpatient, depending on the diagnostic indications and the patient’s wishes.

Advantages orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany

Orthopedic rehabilitation clinics in Germany are equipped with high-tech equipment and innovative programs of rehabilitation therapy, not yet available in other clinics around the world. In addition, the German orthopedic clinics widely use traditional methods resort rehabilitation, which makes the recovery process shorter and easier. By the way, the word “resort” has German roots and means “place of healing”. Orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany is done in full compliance with the latest achievements of science and technology as well as the harmonious combination with fundamental knowledge.

Besides orthopedic programs are developed by specialists for each specific patient based on already acquired experience of dealing with such problems. Complex treatment programmes are always developed individually with the correct alternation of phases of rest and the load, under careful supervision of specialists.

Orthopedic rehabilitation clinics in Germany is very comfortable for the patient conditions, which is also very important to get a positive end result.

Organization of the orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany

If You wish to receive a structured programme of orthopedic rehabilitation abroad and need additional help on selecting optimal for Your goals of a medical institution, our site will help You solve many problems.

We will perform optimization of travel will help to arrange all the necessary documents, and arrange all that is necessary to make Your hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

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Clinic in Germany specializing in the direction of orthopedic rehabilitation

Rehabilitation centers in Germany known throughout Europe and it is here, you can get the most comfortable and effective recovery programme and therapy. We recommend the following blades, specializing in the direction of the orthopedic rehabilitation as the best in its field medical establishment, the majority of which are located in resort areas that guarantee the availability of unique programs of treatment with mineral waters, mud, etc.

MEDIAN clinic Hoppegarten

Format / speciality clinics: Rehabilitation clinic for Orthopaedics, rheumatology, traumatology. Clinic of pain therapy.

Clinic Reithofer

Format / speciality: Large clinic Reithofer whose specialization are cardiology, orthopedics, angiology, internal medicine and naturopathy, located in upper Bavaria. Beautiful nature bad Feilnbach, Bavarian Alps, numerous lakes in the area, fresh air and quiet surroundings will allow patients of the clinic Reithofer to get into the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The clinic will help to cope with pain, migraines, stress and anxiety, achieve calm, peace and balance in myself. In Withipart updates of a person, both mentally and physically.

Clinic “Medical Park Bad Wiessee “St. Hubertus”

Format / speciality clinics: the Clinic is a centre specialising in traumatology, orthopedics, sports medicine and cardiac disease. Thanks to modern innovative equipment and personal lab clinic during its operation offers patients effective treatment and rehabilitation of cardiological, and orthopedic patients.

The Clinic Overwinter

City / region Germany: city of bad Wiessee.

Format / speciality clinics: multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic, including the Department of Orthopedics, cardiology, therapy and psychosomatics.

The group of companies Prime Medical includes the clinic Overwinter. Among the advantages of the medical center, you can highlight the high quality services, effective preventive treatments and excellent diagnostics. The clinic provides a guarantee for the provision of treatment based on modern scientific research, and also combination techniques of alternative medicine and traditional treatment. The recovery program is comprehensive, complex approach to the treatment of the patient, either through psychological and physical impacts.

Rehabilitation clinic Rhein Ruhr

The orthopedic rehabilitation clinic bad Bramstedt

City / region Germany: city of bad Bramstedt

Status / reputation: the Clinic is an academic medical institution, University of Schleswig-Holstein and University hospital Eppendorf Hamburg.

Format / specialization: clinic includes ten clinics located in the same building. Every year there receive treatment not less than 12 500 patients, of which approximately 7,000 are in rehabilitation clinics and 5 500 clinics in other areas.

Clinic Berlin Humboldtmuehle

Format / speciality: specialized rehabilitation clinic in Germany, where the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with neurological, cardiological diseases, internal diseases, diseases


Rehabilitation clinic Niederrhein Korschenbroich

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