Methods of preparation preparation and use of medicinal plants

The fact that medicinal plants as a therapeutic agent effective, beyond doubt. But how effective they’ll be depends to a large extent on their correct use. Should strive to preserve in an unmodified form and in the best possible way to extract these substances from the leaves, fruits and seeds, bark or roots (i.e. of what we understand under the name of “medical raw materials”) only then will we be able to consider it really valuable. To be sure of obtaining quality raw materials, it is best to buy at the pharmacy because the pharmacist is an expert in their field. He is personally responsible for compliance with them selling pharmaceutical raw materials medicine requirements, he ensures identification, purity and optimum potency.

Application – internal and external.

Has long been the most used form of medicinal plant is tea (infusion). It is prepared either from a single plant or from a mix. This aqueous extract, which normally would using hot water, but you can use a cold method. What better way to say it is impossible, therefore, in kathismata the correct plants for this way of making tea. If you adhere to as precisely as possible these recommendations, you will get the expected result. It is very important to know how to use: pour a grass of cold water, bring to a boil and strain, or pour it with boiling water, let stand and then drain or infuse in cold water only. The steeping time also cannot be selected arbitrarily. You need to follow the instructions about the temperature of the drink, podkladyvanie his or neposlushnoe and how to drink: small SIPS or big, slow or fast, before food or after.

Tea is used both internally and externally. When inflammation in the mouth and throat recommend external application of the infusion for rinsing. In such cases, it is consumed moderately warm 35 ° C). For external use only often recommended dilutions of the extract an equal amount of chamomile tea, because chamomile has many beneficial properties.

Treatment of wounds with tea (infusion) is carried out in various ways. You can do local bath, immersing in tea, the patient body (finger, hand, foot) and soaking it in it for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 35-40ºC. You can make lotions or wet packs that hold a few hours, or wet bandage, which is left on the affected areas to dry. In this case, cotton wool or gauze moistened with tea, put on the affected area and fix with a bandage. Do not put bandage on top of the polyethylene or other airtight material. Bandage after drying, it is possible to wet the tea.

Often an infusion of herbs (tea) is recommended for washing is unhealthy skin. To do this, moisten a clean handkerchief in moderately warm infusion and gentle circular motions, wash the sore spots. The active ingredients of medicinal plants are on the patient’s skin, clean it and promote healing. Light rubbing increases blood flow to the affected areas of the skin. If you want to remove scabs, first applied wet with a hot tea (to tolerate) the handkerchief to the affected area and only after 10 minutes, very gently begin cleansing movement. Then the scabs are softened and easier to remove. Just need time and patience.

Herbal bags are used in two cases: firstly, the softening and ripening of the abscesses and, second, for heat therapy. Naturally, they must be well-heated (in accordance with the tolerance). For this sew from linen or gauze bag of the size of the affected area, fill it with grass and put into the boiling water, after 5-10 minutes the bag is removed, slightly wring out and, having not much to cool down, put where you want.

Inhalation and steam baths are also applicable to methods external use. In a vessel pour about a liter of water, pour a small handful of dry grass and heated to boiling. During inhalation, cover your head and the vessel a large handkerchief or a towel, and slowly and deeply inhale herbal vapours through the mouth or nose (rhinitis and inflammation of paranasal sinuses). When steam bath is necessary that pairs well warmed skin. When steam ceases to rise, the vessel can be heated. This procedure for 5-10 minutes. For steam bath in anal or genital regions need roots, leaves or simply grass, the first grupomillenium plant parts pour cold water and leave for a few minutes to soften. Only then they squeezed through a juicer. Without juicer to get the juice more difficult: first you need be sure to very finely chop the plant or RUB on a grater, and then add a little water; after half an hour of softening all wrapped in a linen cloth and, unscrewing, squeeze the juice. Fresh juices should be consumed immediately.

Poisoning resulting from improper use.

Whoever accurately follows the recommendations on the use of medicinal plants and their own uses of plants marked as poisonous, poisoned. And yet I will give here the basic rules of conduct in case of poisoning.

First-aid measures.

At the first signs of poisoning – nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea – you should immediately release the stomach. You need to drink plenty of lukewarm water (children can be given the juice), and then, sticking his finger in his mouth, tap them on the base of the tongue or tickle throat with a feather of a bird.

Useful immediately after swallowing 10-20 pills of activated charcoal. (Can take 20-30 grams mixed in water coal powder.). Charcoal adsorbs toxic substances, preventing their penetration into the blood. After some time loose the stomach!

Need to clean and gut: two teaspoons of Glauber’s salt dissolve in 1 liter of water and drink.

In no case do not pour anything by mouth to an unconscious person!

After that, call a physician immediately!

The doctor is important to get a clear idea of what happened. So you should be able to answer the following questions: what plant was taken in too large dose, when it occurred, what violations occurred, what first aid measures are provided. Then the doctor will be able to successfully continue treatment.

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