Methods of physiotherapy

The magnetic field has such versatile therapeutic effect that can be used with a huge number of diseases. Due to the significant number of studies and wide use of magnetic therapy today is known for many therapeutic effects of magnetic fields on the human body.

The therapeutic effect of the magnetic field – improve the blood circulation and condition of blood vessels. Hence the diversity of its use. After all, the proper delivery of blood and nutrients largely determines the work of all human organs, the nervous system, bones and joints. Another component is to restore normal polarity cells, changed in response to changes in human organs. Third – revitalization of the work of enzyme systems.


Muscle toning (stimulation) as a treatment method known for a long time and is used in medicine 30 years.

Devices for myostimulation (muscle stimulation, pacemakers) are intended for therapeutic and preventive procedures in the outpatient and home settings in a number of diseases.
A muscle injury.

Violation of sensitivity of skin due to injuries and diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

Peripheral (flaccid) paresis and paralysis (limitation of active movements) as a result of injuries and diseases of the nerves (neuritis).

The degenerative disc disease.







Violation of posture.

The scoliosis.







The arterial blood supply of limbs.

Violation of peripheral blood circulation.




Fatigue muscle.

Total fatigue.




Ultrasonic therapy.

Ultrasound therapy — the use of ultrasound for therapeutic purposes. In the basis of ultrasound therapy is the specific nature of the interaction of ultrasound with biological tissues.

The primary effect of ultrasound appears to influence tissue and intracellular processes; changing processes of diffusion and osmosis, cell membrane permeability, the intensity of the occurrence of the enzymatic processes, oxidation, acid-base balance and the electrical activity of the cell. In tissues under the influence of ultrasound activates metabolic processes, increases the content of nucleic acids and stimulates the processes of tissue respiration.

Under the influence of ultrasound increases the permeability of vascular walls, therefore, the effect of ultrasound on tissue in a state of inflammation with severe exudative phenomena can cause deterioration of the pathological process. This should be considered when ultrasound therapy of acute inflammatory diseases. At the same time marked resolving the action of ultrasound on productive inflammation that allows its use in resolving subacute and chronic inflammatory processes. Installed the spasmolytic effect of ultrasound on the basis of his application in medicinal purposes for bronchospasm, intestine dyskinesia, spasm of urinary bladder, renal colic, etc.

One of the specific properties of ultrasound is “razvoloknyayuschee” effect that softens scarring and leads, to a certain extent, to dissolution (softening) of the already formed scar tissue, due to the splitting of the bundles of collagen fibers into individual fibrils, their separation from the amorphous cementing substance of connective tissue. This is based on the use of ultrasound in diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, nerves, as well as scarring and adhesions after surgery and inflammatory diseases.

Relatively small doses of ultrasound have a stimulating effect on the regeneration processes in various tissues; high doses inhibit these processes. The effect of ultrasound on the patient’s body are also characterised by an effect associated with inhibition and blocking of pain impulse in the nerve cells of the special ganglia and along the nerve fibers. This effect formed the basis for the application of wt in the treatment of diseases and pathological conditions involving severe pain (neuralgia, osteochondrosis, myositis, etc.).

A set of responses of the patient to the action of ultrasound include local tissue changes (activation of fermentative and trophic processes, microcirculation, stimulation of regeneration, etc.), and a complex neurohumoral response. The stimulation of the adaptive and protective mechanisms, increase nonspecific resistance of the organism, activating mechanisms of recovery and compensation.

In physiotherapy, the widely used method of phonophoresis (phonophoresis, sonophoresis) drugs, combining the action of two agents: physical factors (i.e., ultrasound) and chemical (drug), injected into the body. Under the action of ultrasound drug penetrates into the epidermis, where diffuses into the blood and lymph.

To provide acoustic contact with the ultrasonic head of the apparatus of the skin in the affected area before the procedure lubricate contact substance (vaseline, vegetable oil, medicinal mixture).

Ultrasonic influence carry out on the appropriate parts of the surface of the body (called fields), the area of each of them is 150-250 cm 2. At the first 1-2 treatments affect the field, good tolerability, since 3-4th procedure, the number of fields can be increased to 3-4. The duration of exposure to 1 field from 2-3min. up to 5-10min. and the duration of the entire procedure no more than 12-15min. Procedures carried out daily or every other day, to prescribe a course of 6 to 12 treatments.

Contraindications for ultrasonic therapy are blood diseases, acute inflammatory processes, mental illness, severe neurosis, marked cerebral atherosclerosis diencephalic crises, ischemic heart disease with angina, myocardial infarction, hypertension stage II And above, vegetative dystonia with the presence of arterial hypotension, expressed manifestations of cardiovascular and pulmonary-cardiac insufficiency, thyrotoxicosis, thrombophlebitis, bleeding tendency. neoplasms.

In traumatology and orthopedics ultrasound therapy is widely use in complex treatment of consequences of traumas of the musculoskeletal system, as well as in the recovery period after reconstructive surgery of the joints, muscles and tendons. Biodegradable ultrasonic therapy in the impulse mode and the small doses used for hematomas and hemarthrosis, starting from 3-4th day after injury. The effect aimed directly on the affected joints, muscles, tendons, nerves. To enhance the analgesic potency of ultrasound in trauma administered phonophoresis of dipyrone.

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