Metastasis treatment folk remedies

A malignant tumor originating from epithelial cells, that quickly expands and grows in size, if not in time to take measures to remove it and start the timely treatment. Cells, reborn from normal to pathological, multiplied with catastrophic speed, forming metastases. They move with liquid media through the lymphatic system, causing irreversible changes in the human body. Metastasis is a secondary focus of the process of cancer tumor if the tumor was not removed completely by surgery. In this regard, there are situations when a patient with cancer, the doctors give positive forecasts, and the patient remains nothing how to accept the idea of his own death. Treatment of lung complicated by the fact that metastases are able to get to the brain, liver, bones and other organs of the diseased organism.

And yet, miracles happen. Treatment of folk remedies, to which many scientists are treated with some skepticism, heals so that patients Oncology people can live for decades. On the side of traditional medicine is an enormous number of cases with a successful outcome. Treatment of lungs, liver and other organs – there are folk remedies starovarshavskoe the path to salvation for the doomed people.

The symptoms of lung metastases

The treatment lungs often fail to start on time. Pronounced symptoms in this case may not be present. Only a small number of patients, up to 20%, note in his discomfort in the lungs:

Shortness of breath;

Recurring attacks of cough;

A sense of compactness and stiffness of the chest;

The secretion of lung mucus with threads of blood;

The increase in body temperature up to -38 Celsius only; Lack of appetite and a decrease in overall body weight.

When these signs are frequent pain syndromes. Treatment of the lungs in a hospital or folk remedies need to begin immediately when the metastases progressed rapidly.

Symptoms of liver metastases

Metastases affecting the liver cells, causing the induration of its tissue, and the functionality of the organ is greatly reduced. In patients notes:

Lack of appetite, constant nausea, weakness in the legs;

The skin takes on a sallow hue;

Pressure and heaviness in region of liver;


Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;

The increase in body temperature.

Since the liver performs the function of detoxification in the body, the patient’s condition may deteriorate rapidly, as the diseased organ ceases to cope with their work.

The symptoms of bone metastases

Often formed metastases in the bones do not give obvious symptoms. The clinical picture is as follows:

Appear pressing pain in bones and joints;

Frequent frequent pathologic fractures and bone deformity;

Hypercalcemia occurs.

If poorly tolerated pain, the painkillers are used and treatment in stationary conditions.

The secrets of the beneficial effects of plants revealed “herbalists”

Plant a treasure trove of Earth’s generous gifts, and many plants are used by patients for medical treatment, give surprising results. Their cytotoxic properties promote death of cancer cells. “Herbalists” is widely used mushrooms and herbs in the manufacture of medicinal compositions:



Red fly agaric;



The celandine;


Peony root and others.

Kerosene tincture often rescued the desperate patients. Beetroot is a vegetable that can be found among the autumn of blanks each family. It also effectively battling malignancies and thoroughly strengthens the immune system. But beet juice should not be abused. In large quantities it can cause a malfunction in the digestive tract.

Folk recipes for the treatment of pulmonary metastases

Folk remedies have managed to reduce or at all to relieve the patient from metastases.

Butter and propolis in equal proportions. Heat until dissolved on a water bath. Cool and store in a cool and dark place. Eat 1 tsp mixture for 30 min before food in the morning and on an empty stomach. For one course of treatment is 100 g butter and 100 g of propolis. After the composition is over, take a break for 2 weeks.

25 g seeds of Hemlock have generously pour 500 g of vodka, put in a dry and dark place, insist in for 10 days. Every morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before Breakfast, drink an infusion with water according to the scheme: 1 drop first morning, 2 drops the second morning, etc. until the number of drops will not reach 40. Then the number drops again gradually reduced to 1. Need to 12 drops of water – 100 g 25 – 150 40 – 200 g. This is the poisonous part, so to drink it is necessary with water and closely monitor your condition. When signs of poisoning number of drops should be reduced.

The mushroom is of medium size need to chop 0.5 a jar, pour 250 g. of vodka, and insist in a dark warm place for 5 days. Squeeze, strain into a jar 3-liter. Pour part of the boiled water to the brim and put in a dark place for another 9 days. Drink 0.5 cups for 30 minutes before eating.

These folk remedies should be used with extreme caution.

Folk recipes for treatment of liver metastases

Can be treated liver tissue available folk remedies:

25 g of celandine pour 1 Cup boiling water and infuse for 1.5-2 hours. Infusion drink 1 tablespoon a day. Another method of preparation: grind the fresh plant and mix it with alcohol in a 1:1 ratio. 5 days, the mixture to drink 1 h. spoon, 5 dessert, and as much as 20 days – a tablespoon means.

Dried white and purple flowers of the potato in 1 tbsp it is necessary to insist in 500 ml. of boiling water for 4 hours. The composition of this drink half a Cup 3 times a day for 21 days.

An effective means is the cocklebur. 1 teaspoon of funds must pour 1 Cup of boiling water, to insist and drink completely. During the day you can drink up to 4 glasses of this drug.

Folk recipes for the treatment of bone metastases

To achieve a stable positive result in the treatment of bone metastases folk remedies used plants and natural products, rich in calcium, as well as those that strengthen and support the body as a whole. These are: eggshell, rose hips, comfrey, dandelion, burdock, chicory, elecampane, clay, etc.

A positive reputation means on the basis of comfrey. 1 tbsp herbs poured 1 Cup of boiling water. The mixture should infuse for several days, strain and drink 1 dessert spoon of tincture 3 times a day. The course of treatment – 2 weeks.

Metastasis treatment folk remedies causes mistrust from time to time. When it’s a complicated life when “all’s fair”, folk recipes often save the life of seriously ill people. Self-hypnosis the cause, or the healing power of mother nature to solve each separately.

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