Medicine quacks, or the power of this ancient medicine

Traditional medicine is the totality of forms of alternative medicine, mainly combining sorcery or healing, schools of Oriental medicine and treatment, which does not require industrial production of drugs. The term traditional medicine includes a set of methods and means of folk medicine, accumulated centuries of experience of treatment methods and application of various therapeutic agents. The origins of traditional medicine have their origins at the dawn of mankind, it is a historically ancient concept that was improved with the development of society.

Do not be afraid of the word “powwow” is from the word “to know”, “be in charge”. Ancient medicine was supported by the healing, spiritual, healing body and soul to folk healers. The power of the spirit of these traditional healers were given power to heal the ailments of the people, therefore this medicine was called medicine elected or sorcerers.

Folk medicine has always been closely connected with the spiritual traditions of the people. From generation to generation was passed down the accumulated wisdom. In Russian villages since time immemorial the advice of healers and quacks. At the core of most popular treatments is the use of the healing properties of the human nature. To have survived a large number of ancient “herbalist”, which contain descriptions of medicinal plants and their uses. On Rosaramicin was widely practiced even before the adoption of Christianity. One evidence of this is containing information on medicinal plants “Izbornik Grand Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavovych” (1076 year). Preserved copy of the Russian herbalist “Masi”, the originator of which was the granddaughter of Vladimir Monomakh-Eupraxia. However, folk medicine is not limited to the use of herbs.

Hard to say what helped more people – the healing power of plants and belief in the help of God, because no matter the people is not complete without prayer. The healer was a sense of reverence for the spiritual power that was supposed to help him to alleviate the suffering of the patient, and this has led to amazing cases of healing. Much of traditional healing practices and healing, especially that passed from mouth to mouth, have not been studied or lost. Traditional methods of treatment have always been closely associated with various religious rituals, prayers, incantations, magic rituals, shamanism. The influence of these factors, obviously, no less essential than the effect of the therapeutic agents themselves.

Despite the fact that scientific knowledge about the nature around us and the Universe, part of which we are, become more complete, much remains mysterious and beyond the human mind. Unfortunately, modern man has almost forgotten how to listen to the surrounding nature, ceased to understand it and have lost the ability to use many of its features. We must remember and understand that traditional medicine and the natural environment are very closely linked. We need to realize that the causes of our illnesses are often stress, the nature of human behavior (aggressiveness, aggressiveness, jealousy, envy, etc.).

The herbal treatment. if performed correctly, should help people, because communicating with plants already in itself beneficial. Only need to treat this seriously. Leisurely and lovingly executable collection of need for treatment herbs – already beginning the healing process. The plant should be treated as a living organism and mentally ask him about healing. The Japanese have a rule that they are used for vase life of flowers for a bouquet: “Before you cut a flower to talk to him.” If so are the flower for a bouquet, then such love is necessary to ask the plant for healing.

For healers and healers collecting plants has always been a religious rite. Every person and every plant is a unique system, tuned to the Universe. To find between them the energy attunement is the art of a true healer and the success of treatment. The effectiveness of therapeutic agents is not the same for different people and depends on many factors. In ancient times, healers believed that the location of the planets at the time of collection of plants has a significant impact on the quality of prepared medicines. Of great importance for the healing power of plants has, for example, the position of the moon in their collection. The people believed that Ivan Kupala day or the eve is good for collecting all sorts of herbs. In addition, every plant has an optimal time of collection, when its inherent healing power reaches the largest value. Unfortunately, in our ecologically troubled time, we need to carefully choose places for gathering plants. You cannot, for example, to collect plants in the city or industrial area, roads, etc.

Many believe that folk medicine is the key to the health of man, his future, because in our daily lives is ever-present violation of the environment, various stresses, as developed by our ancestors methods (purification of the body, tempering, proper nutrition, autogenic training) can help mankind to feel happiness and joy of gaining health, only to use these methods regularly.

From modern encyclopedic dictionary:

“Traditional medicine is the totality of people accumulated empirical knowledge about healing resources, as well as medical and hygienic techniques and skills for the recognition, prevention and treatment of diseases. In the Arsenal of folk medicine medicines of plant, animal and mineral origin, natural factors (mineral water, curative mud, etc.), some surgical techniques (cupping, etc.). Many traditional medicines used by modern scientific medicine”.

No man who ever something was not sick. But sometimes it helps to spend a minimum of effort, to feel invincible to any disease, because nature has taken care of our perfection, giving the human body the ability at the right time to connect those internal reserves that are inherent in each. You only need to know how to do it, and then you can escape from almost any disease.

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