Medicinal plants and oil India

OUD WOOD (Aquilaria agallocha)

Grows in India, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Oil Oud wood, also known as agar oil, is one of the most valuable in the world. It is produced only from old trees affected by the fungus.

Aroma . strong, sweet-woody, almost balsamic, similar to the smell of natural benzoin Siam sweetness reminiscent of sandalwood.

Essential oil made from wood Oud wood, ravnovesiye acts on all organs, especially the heart.

In addition, it calms the nervous system, the senses and the brain that allows you to activate and harmonize the mental and spiritual processes and to look inside yourself.

Oil supports the positive effect of fasting exercises and meditation, and promotes the development of imagination.

Purifying and balancing energy, relaxing, rejuvenating.

Methods of use: bath Oil, inhalation.

Bath oil: the Best way to apply oil Oud wood combined with some other oils considered a stress-reducing evening bath, soothing the nerves and the soul:

Oud wood – 4 drops Sandalwood – 4 drops, Geranium 3 drops, 1/2 Cup cream

Aroma lamp

A wonderful blend for meditation – Oud wood – 4 cap, Hyssop – 3 drops

Fragrance oil alinasodava is the main note of the composition with scents of sandalwood, cedar and linaloe.

Mixes well with rose, geranium, campoy, syt, sandalwood, vetiver, rosewood, lavender, hyssop, Clary sage, musk, elemi.

Bee balm (Monarda fistulosa L.)

Synonyms: monarda fistular, wild bergamot, fragrant balm, Melissa the American.

Herbaceous perennial plant native to North America, where it grows everywhere in the wild. Cultivated in India and the Caucasus. Numerous stems reach a height of 65 – 120 cm Leaves simple, toothed, pubescent with fine hairs. The flowers are small, are connected in axillary false whorls, surrounded along the veins reddish bracts, are collected in a compact globular head, located at the ends of the main and lateral shoots, lilac. On each flowering stem typically has five to nine inflorescences with a diameter of 5-7 cm each inflorescence 190-260 flowers. Corolla with a long tube, glubokovodnye. The fruits are small. The weight of 1000 fruits (nuts) of 0.2-0.3 g.

Extraction . Blossoming from the fresh plant by steam distillation method.

Feature . The oil from yellow to red with the smell of thymol. Color of essential oil is determined by the content of timohina – substance red-brown color. In the absence of the substance essential oil color is yellowish. The presence of timohina (or products of its chemical transformations) gives the color of essential oils of various shades of brownish color.

Action . Strong bactericidal broad spectrum activity (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycoplasmas), anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-sclerotic, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, radioprotective, antistress, adaptogenic, anti-anemic, anti-carcinogenic, high preservative effect. Possesses strong anthelmintic properties.

Essential oil is a preservative of blood, promotes the engraftment of foreign tissues, helps in the treatment of bronchial asthma, salmonellosis, burns, eczema, is used to treat hair.

Use in aromatherapy:

disease, vishnyami-kapustinoy infection, acute protracted pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, reduced local immunity, secondary immunodeficiency, reduction of nonspecific resistance of the organism (T-cell immunity), prevention of acute respiratory infections and flu, aging, atherosclerosis, immunometabolic stage of carcinogenesis, stress, anemia, hypoxia, optimization of adaptation of organism to new climatic conditions, advanced age, small radiation exposure.

Curative action: the Mechanism of bactericidal action of monarda on microbial cells common to all essential oils: reduce” permeability of membranes, destruction of the structures of microbial cells with subsequent violation of intracellular metabolism, reduction and suppression of the activity of aerobic respiration.


It is recommended that a combination of monarda with wormwood lemon, which further increases the bactericidal, antiviral and protivogistaminnoe effect of the composition and improves the organoleptic characteristics.

Traditional uses: As a spice plant used in the production of vermouth. In cooking, bee balm is particularly popular in the USA and England. Young leaves, shoots and inflorescence are used as a seasoning to salads, meat dishes and as a spice for canning, add to flavor jams, soups, kvass, compote and tea flavoring.

Infusions, pulp and juice of the leaves helps treat nonhealing wounds, abrasions, cuts. Bee balm is a diuretic, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, is successfully used for high blood pressure. Affects the digestibility of food, improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract

BORONIA (Boronia megastigma)

Evergreen shrub up to 2 meters with fragrant flowers of unusual coloring: the petals from the outside brown and the inside yellow. Grows in India, Western Australia.

Parts used: the Flowers are removed from the hive manually.

Extraction . Method of enfleurage or extraction with petroleum ether from the flowers get a specific and absolute. Aromatic oil is also extracted in small quantities by distillation with steam.

Oil from the flowers, obtained by steam distillation bears little resemblance to the smell of the flowers themselves. Therefore, the most appropriate method of essential oil extraction is extraction with petroleum ether

Feature . it is a dark-green mass, similar to butter with a lovely warm, woody-sweet aroma. The absolute is a green viscous liquid with fresh fruity-spicy aroma and floral tones.

Aromatherapy . In the home is used as a perfume.

Absolute viscous, with a slightly overwhelming flavor. The full-bodied flavor manifests itself in a substantial dilution (1 drop absolute per 10 ml jojoba). Sweet, soft, round and floral.

Mixes well with oils of bergamot, Clary sage, sandalwood, violet, immortelle, Costus, Mimosa and other flowers.

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