Medicinal herbs and fees cough

With the onset of the first cold start of the seasonal diseases, which are accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms. Cough, runny nose, feeling of weakness throughout my body, constant chills — who does not know these harbingers of colds?

But nothing gives so much trouble and discomfort, as severe cough.

It all starts with a sense of tickling in the throat, which increases every day. A person can not sleep at night because of intense fits of coughing that distracted from the work and can not fully relax.

Not only that, the much exhausting cough of a sick person and everyone around you — in some cases, the cough may be an independent symptom that is not accompanied by fever. This means only one thing: the person who is suffering from severe cough, can not get sick and have to be at work.

Currently there are hundreds of medicines cough. It’s all kinds of tablets, pills, syrups, ointments and so on. But in all cases, these preparations contain a large number of active substances of chemical nature of origin. Many of these substances virtually do not help because of the habit of tolerance in bacteria.

Other drugs contain derivatives of codeine or ephedrine, has a strong sedative effect. Therefore, to treat cough better by means of traditional medicine — special levies and herbs that help get rid of annoying coughing in the shortest possible time.

How to quickly cure a cough?

Many medicinal plants are specially designed to treat even the most severe coughing spells in the shortest possible time. Herbalists combine useful properties of different plants, creating a unique drug charges. To achieve a short therapeutic effect of the medication are specially created that combine both traditional methods of treatment and traditional medicine.

Drug charges or chest cough have a comprehensive impact on the organs of the upper respiratory tract. Part of the thoracic fees includes the following plants: rosemary, elderberry, raspberry, mother-and-stepmother, sage, hawthorn, anise, marshmallow, chamomile, licorice root, cumin, thyme, eucalyptus, garlic, propolis, honey, juniper, yarrow, dandelion, plantain, succession, radish and many other medicinal plants.

For rapid treatment of cough, you need to pick up a collection or recipe, which includes plants for the treatment of certain types of cough.

Some have good expectorant properties, other effectively relieve swelling and irritation, others block the receipt of impulses of irritation. Some medicines used to treat dry cough, others to wet.

Contraindications to the use of

Before you use traditional medicines or breast fees, be aware of contraindications. Most contraindications to the use of herbs and tools on their basis the following:

Individual intolerance of separate components;

Allergic reaction to a certain component of a medicament;

Pregnancy or lactation;

In most cases traditional medicines are totally harmless and have no contraindications. The negative effects of medications natural components can occur only in cases of severe overdose.

Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of cough

Consider the most effective medicinal herbs and mixtures that will help promptly get rid of even severe fits of coughing:

Great way to treat cough is the mixture of radish with honey . Recipe existed for decades, but still has not lost its relevance. To prepare means you need to take one small radish, wash it thoroughly and cut off the tip. Thin and sharp knife all the flesh is removed from the middle of the fruit. Eventually you should get a small “bowl”. Inside put two to three tablespoons of honey, then radish is served with a small lid. Radish must be put in a cool place for 10-12 hours to have time to produce juice. You can then take the juice and honey, which are inside the radish.

Oregano is one of the most useful plants for the treatment of cough. It can be used to cure even severe coughing spells, which occur with flu, tracheitis, bronchitis and tuberculosis. For making cough remedies you need 5 grams of the leaves of marjoram pour 400 ml of boiling water, then leave to infuse for 5-7 hours. Then this infusion should be filtered and taken orally.

In equal proportions mix the crushed leaves of plantain and elecampane root . All this is poured hot water in the ratio 1:5 (1 part mix to 5 parts water). The mixture is boiled on a slow fire for 20 minutes, then removed, wrapped up in scarf and infuse for two hours.

It is useful to make teas from medicinal plants . You can use sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, fruit and leaves, rose hip, tutsan, mint, Melissa and so on. The tea is prepared in the usual way — the herbs are mixed in the desired proportions, are placed in the teapot and fill with boiling water. For added effect you can use honey, propolis or pollen.

The reviews of people about folk remedies cough

If you want to know reviews about folk remedies for cough, just ask their relatives or friends about what tools they used and how they helped.

In most cases, almost everyone at least once in their life treated with the help of traditional medicine and these tools proved to be very effective. However, consider the reviews of people who share their experiences about herbal cough:

Vladislav Kravchenko, Moscow:

“The most effective means for the treatment of cough turned out to be tincture of elderberry. Coughing gone for a few days, although he had suffered more than a month!”

Alice, Ryazan:

“Despite all the newfangled tools and pills I feel best helps the infusion from the grass of thermopsis… Better than many expensive and fashionable”.

It is worth noting that 99% of the reviews are positive, which means only one thing: folk remedies and medicinal herbs is the best way to treat cough.

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Medicinal herbs and fees cough
With the onset of the first cold start of the seasonal diseases, which are accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms. Cough, runny nose, feeling of weakness throughout my body, constant chills…

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