Magic herbs: plantain

For centuries people lived in harmony with nature, and only the XX and XXI century brought about major changes in the ways of healing. The witch doctors were considered quacks, herbal medicine – an oddity. However, this plant did not become less useful. To this day people use them for treatment, and for good reason. One of the great natural healers is a plant known as plantain. It can cure a variety of diseases, most importantly the right approach. Something bothers you in terms of health? Do not be afraid of nature – just try it.

Every man, if he grew up in a rural area or at least used to go there often, knows that the wound need to put a piece of plantain. It has styptic and antiseptic. But this merit of modest roadside plants are not limited. It is used in many cases. Try to figure out how useful the plantain – because one day, it may be easier to apply harmless plant than medical antibiotic with sea side effects.

Use in cooking

Use healthful herbs in cooking is well known. Such a move is not conducive to making any particular flavor, but it helps to add utility to prepared meals. Of course, during the heat treatment most of the properties are lost. However,the benefits for the whole body and gastrointestinal tract in particular, remains.

Therefore, knowing the village of the grandmother added to food herbs, including psyllium drug that in large quantities it grows in our country. In the form of soup the same way as it is made from nettles. Also it is added in a small amount in the batter for cakes, pancakes, scones and other savoury baked goods. Taste it will not spoil, but it will add value.

It is also used as not giving a taste, but a useful seasoning for mashed potatoes, meatballs and savoury porridge. Much better to use it in raw form. For this purpose, the plantain herb is added to salads along with other greens. In this case, the person really gets the whole storehouse of vitamins contained in the plant. What substances in its composition, it can boast?

What will be in the plantain useful?

So, it is a modest plant healers no wonder used in its medicinal purposes. It contains the following substances:

1. Citric acid. Improves metabolism. Also good for the immune system to colds.

2. Volatile. A natural antiseptic, which prevents harmful bacteria and germs from developing in your body.

3. Vitamin C is a Great helper of the body during the reduction of immunity or in case of colds.

4. Vitamin K. Regulates metabolism in the body positive effect on connective and bone tissue. Also plays an important positive role in the kidneys.

This is not a complete composition that contains a plantain. However, other types of this plant can keep up with him by the degree of its usefulness. Maybe you had to see it and with a smooth light-green leaves, long and dark green, covered with hairs. Both types are useful and have medicinal properties.

And if you are in the woods had to get a minor wound, take any. As already mentioned, for minor wounds and cuts, it helps to put a piece of paper. But rural people have long noticed this and used differently. If the wound is large enough, then this medicinal grass, finely sliced, then pounded in a mortar, and then used the resulting pulp and juice as a natural antiseptic and healing and hemostatic agent.

The use of plantain

In the tropics, this plant is also suitable for use after insect bites – it helps reduce inflammation. The same is true in the presence of burns. In both cases, is done under the bandage and it is also linked to PAP. The main role here plays an eye-catching juice. The bandage (or simply mush) is replaced with a new one every 5-7 hours until the first results. However, it is possible to wear it constantly until the bite or the burn will not stop hurting.

Ulcers, gastritis, diseases of the duodenum and other digestive tract issues, it is useful the use of psyllium in the form of fresh juice of its leaves. A “drink”, though not too pleasant to the taste, quickly heals wounds and sores, which are not to get. And because the action happens all the time and the stomach receives nutrients, and recovery is not temporary, but permanent. Moreover, the health is added.

In the case of colds, this plant is also ready to help. Gargling with decoction of plantain for sore throat will help to cope with the disease. Even better when you rinse use fresh juice from the leaves mentioned above. The decoction is useful to drink for all colds, in particular when coughing. In mild cases can be limited only to them, relying on the useful properties of plantain, and more – to apply it in treatment. But don’t get too carried away preparing the “miracle recipes” where you need to boil or fry something using this plant. Typically, these recipes do not bring the desired result. It’s no wonder after an hour or two the heat treatment of the nutrients will evaporate.

Infusion, as alcohol and water, helps to cure boils, abscesses and even acne. Used in the form of lotions, compresses or lotion – depending on the situation. Also the healing properties of plantain yield result in minor gynecological problems. Used in the form of juice, the treatment is through douching.

Are there any contraindications?

All plants can be harmful to someone. Has not bypassed this rule by the party and plantain: contraindications here too. They cannot be treated to the following individuals:

people with increased production of gastric juice;

those who have increased the acidity;

it is not recommended when the blood clots, and with a high degree of blood clotting;

are allergic to components of this plant.

Important features of the application

Of course, herbal medicine is a good choice, but times are not the same, and, perhaps, it reduces its effectiveness. If the plantain was grass growing in the lanes, and anyone could pick him up on my way, today all not so. Yes, still is a roadside plant, but now the road has changed. The exhaust fumes alone are worth the price. And it immediately pushes pharmacy the packages of plants, especially those in the questionable category.

If you really want to get a result, it is better to use “real” plants collected carefully and not mechanically.

Of course, this is difficult to implement in practice. If you are seriously interested in herbal medicine, it is of course possible in the summer each year to collect herbs in the forest. If the administration of juice of plantain it took you all of a sudden, and the street is clearly not the season, you can refer to grandparents. Yes, ordinary neighbors who may plant not, but certainly there are a couple of her friends, stocked with medicinal herbs. And these are people who know, and psyllium, taken from them, will be much better pharmacy.

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