Iodine mesh from varicose veins – effects, contraindications

Any use of synthetic dosage forms to the body is fraught with unpleasant consequences, and harmless folk remedies can really help without causing harm. The famous and effective tools include a grid of iodine.

Varicose veins are not only cosmetic problems cardiovascular “snake” and “stars”, the reddening and darkening of the skin on the feet. It is a serious disease, when the vessels lose their elasticity, venous cease to fulfil its main function is to regulate blood circulation. Poor blood flow leads to congestive phenomena in the extremities, pain and heaviness in the legs, seizures.

The main factors of development of disease – bad genes, big load on my feet at work and sports, sluggishness and extra weight. The time lost in treatment can lead to deterioration and even death.

Not necessarily to start treatment of varicose veins in the initial stages with synthetic medications, doctors “of the people” offered a more gentle to the body means. Iodine mesh with varicose veins is the most affordable method of getting rid of the disease.

How iodine helps with varicose veins?

External application of the drug is extensive, it is not limited to the conventional treatment of wounds from infection. Medical “science” is not to salautdinov the fact that a painting iodine on the skin surface can greatly facilitate the patient’s condition. But the people claims such regular treatments help to treat bronchitis, joint disease, injuries, angina, and many other diseases, iodine from varicose veins apply the same method.

What properties of iodine due to its beneficial effects?

Bactericidal – penetration in the blood of the iodine through the skin leads to the death of harmful microorganisms.

Iodine – known anti-inflammatory agent.

Local irritant property of an alcohol tincture has a distracting effect.

5% iodine from the medicine chest is able to expand blood vessels. As a result – improvement of blood circulation, removal of edema, congestion.

The heat that is a result of the application of iodine to the surface of the skin, reduces muscle spasms, decreases pain.

Iodine mesh from varicose veins will also be useful what can get rid of deficiency of this element in the body as iodine deficiency is the cause of many ailments.

Do not think that iodine is so useful, it can be taken internally – so, they say, will help. Thus, tried to be treated more than a hundred years ago, and soon abandoned these methods because of their danger to life – the iodine is able to bind proteins and oral taking threatens big trouble!

How to use iodine in varicose disease?

Before applying the iodine against varicose veins, make sure that the Allergy medication you have. To do this simply apply a few thin lines on the sensitive spot, inner thighs, forearms.

Within 15 minutes the skin with the sample not wet, rubbing, cover. In the absence of signs of Allergy – breathlessness, dizziness, redness and blisters on the spot of the sample, treatment of varicose veins iodine can safely hold.

The process of “drawing” on the extremities does not differ from similar manipulations for colds, the only place “for creativity” is selected another injured limb (usually the lower).

Before a session “iodine therapy” gently RUB sore feet with Apple cider vinegar – this will enhance the effect of treatment with iodine. You can use store-bought vinegar or cook it yourself.

Iodine mesh on varicose veins is applied with a cotton swab. You can use ear sticks from the pharmacy, and you can build a standalone fixture.

Dip cotton wool in solution slightly, then draw it on the affected area of horizontal and vertical lines, to get a semblance of cells in a notebook with the size of the “Windows” of 1 cm by 1 cm is the optimum size.

Dip the wand into the solution, as soon as the line “drawing” becomes too pale, not too bad if along the way you’ll spread the healthy parts of the body.

The course of therapy is two to three months. You will feel relieved and, as a consequence, will disappear heaviness in the legs, night cramps. If no improvement is noted, do not tighten, refer to specialists!

Do not get carried away by such treatment, draw a grid on the inflamed veins no more often than 2-3 times a week. The procedure is best done at night. It does not matter if the drawn line will not be flat – a grid of iodine will act.

Note that the grid of this available to all of the drug would be effective only at the initial stages of the disease, when the foot begins to feel heavy, in severe cases, may need to use other effective methods.

Contraindications for treatment of varicose veins iodine

Is it possible to smear with iodine legs with varicose veins, vein disease if accompanied by other diseases? To make a grid of iodine if:

are present thyroid disease – hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, radiotherapy, iodine, an overabundance of the element is also hazardous to health; in the presence of hypersensitivity to the drug – may cause allergic reactions; patient increasing the temperature to 38°C – iodine when ingested contributes to raising the temperature; to is causing redness, irritation, dryness, and other signs of inflammation;

You should be careful with this kind of treatment, if the varicose veins during pregnancy – a sharp jump dangerous to life and the embryo and the mother. Excess intake of drug can cause bleeding and abnormalities in the development of the child.

Alternative medicine claims – diseased vein can be treated with improvised and inexpensive means. Note that iodine mesh for treatment of varicose veins should be used in combination with other medicinal forms, special exercises, procedures.

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