Herbs for weight loss fat-burning

Good day my dear readers! In this article I want to talk to you about herbs for weight loss fat-burning, namely :

how herbs help burn fat

what herbs have a thermogenic effect

is it possible to do taxes or is it better to drink every herb separately

how to choose a grass diet and not harm your health

Fees for weight loss should not be considered as miraculous infusions for instant fat loss, but they can only push the body to fight obesity. Active components included in the composition of plants can affect the metabolism, regulate their activities and speed up the process of weight loss. The purpose of taking herbs is to put an end to the imbalance, which steadily leads to weight gain.

So, let’s look at what herbs are for losing weight or which groups are divided. There are 4 basic groups:

thermogenic effect — the effect of increasing fat burning

detoxification — cleansing action

diuretic effect — reduction of water retention in the body

herbs to reduce appetite

Herbs for slimming, rigaudiere

Thermogenic plants activates or speeds up metabolism and thereby increase body temperature, which leads to a rapid loss of fat in the body. There are herbs that cause a feeling of fullness, while others work by increasing energy expenditure.

Most thermogenic herbs are classified as stimulants. They contain caffeine, which speeds up bodily functions such as heart rate, digestion and breathing. Increased metabolic rate increases the fat burning that is accompanied by weight loss.

The list of herbs for burning fat

1. Guarana: is a very effective stimulant, which contains twice as much caffeine than coffee beans. The active components of the plant increase adrenaline which leads to increased decay of fatty tissue.

Seeds of the plant, consisting of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, help to reduce physical and mental fatigue.

The antioxidant properties of guarana help to slow the aging of increase of efficiency of functioning of the organism and, consequently, struggling with such problems as diarrhea, indigestion, flatulence.

From guarana you can do the infusions, and add a few tablespoons of dry mix in fruit juice or water, to be used as a stimulant.

2. Green tea . this plant speeds up the metabolism of our body, causing it to burn more fat at rest and during exercise. Stimulate the Central nervous system, causing the body to produce more energy. Learn more about how and when to drink green tea about its contraindications I wrote in the article about green tea . I will not repeat, follow the link and read.

3. Mate . This herb is very effective in reducing fat in the body. Works by increasing the flow of energy that promotes the burning of fat in the body.

For 250 compounds found in Yerba mate, the most active for weight loss: caffeine (natural stimulant), theophylline (which provides the euphoric feeling) and theophylline (a stimulant found in green tea).

These natural stimulants, as a rule, act as a diuretic which allows the body to lose weight, eliminating the excess water. Also mate suppresses appetite and may increase metabolism. Read more about tea:

4. Cayenne pepper: is considered to be the best natural herb for weight loss. Red pepper is rich in capsaicin, a substance that helps speed up metabolism and reduce appetite.

Pepper has vasodilating properties, keeping the pressure at a healthy level. Also it can function as an aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire. Prevents cancer and contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body.

5. Dandelion: I think everyone in the childhood broke a dandelion and blew off his gray fluff, completely not realizing how useful this herb is. Dandelion is not just a “parasite” in your yard, it helps the body absorb the carbs faster and regulate blood sugar levels.

6. Ginger: according to the teachings of Tibetan monks ginger stimulates circulation and improves metabolism. Scientific studies have shown that ginger tea is effective in weight loss as it contains essential oils, which increase metabolism. Learn more about ginger:

7. Plantain: this rich source of fiber is also a laxative. Tincture of plantain is better to drink before eating, then this plant will not only help to burn extra calories and reduces hunger. Its consumption in combination with diet and exercise will yield impressive results.

8. Horseradish: it has a wonderful effect of decomposition and burning of fat in the cells and has a cleansing effect on the whole body.

How and when to drink herbs for fat burning

Herbal thermogenic action is better to drink in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Many people use these herbs in the evening and as a consequence have trouble sleeping. Also extracts of thermogenic herbs for weight loss drink before training.

How to brew and in what quantity to drink — you can learn from notation to the grass. It is individual and cannot be a General rule for all plants thermogenic nature.

Is it possible to do taxes or is it better to drink every herb separately

Drink every day tea or infusion of herbs to speed up metabolism, reducing inches around the waist is every woman’s dream. But drinking alone herb for fat burning is not enough. They need to be combined with the cleansing action of plants ( toxins that disrupt the natural balance in the body ) and herbs diuretic action ( for withdrawal of excess fluid, clean the intestines, eliminate bloating )

Before you succumb to temptation and to organize a miracle drink from a combination of several herbs think that it’s safe! Plants contain active components that will react by reducing or increasing the influence of each other.

So isn’t it better not to risk it and drink every herb individually? Only you can decide.

How to choose a herb for weight loss that burn fat and not to harm health

Do not forget that each herb has many contra-indications to application. Before you start drinking this or that gathering, see what plants are included in this collection. Read the reviews and contraindications. Each person is different, if one grass is ideal, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to use.

The best option would be to choose a medicinal plant, relying only on their health, and not on other reviews. Read carefully the indications for each herb separately and select the one that suits you the most, for health reasons.

Instead of swallowing pills that promise to make you slim within a short time, make a choice in favor of consumption herbs for weight loss burn fat. In combination with a healthy diet and daily exercise, herbal tea can accelerate the fat burning process that steadily will reduce inches of the waist.

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