Healthy facial masks on the basis of sour cream

Sour cream is a truly unique product with valuable nutritional properties and rich in many nutrients.

In the composition of fresh sour cream contains calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, manganese and other minerals.

It is also rich in essential fatty acids, natural sugar and many other vital substances.

Experts say that adding in regular daily diet only one tablespoon of sour cream will have a beneficial impact on the rest of the body.

However, this product has gained wide popularity not only as an integral component of many dishes, but also excellent as a cosmetic.

A lot of folk recipes of beauty based on the use of sour cream.

Since ancient times, people in Russia knew about the wonderful properties of this dairy product.

Learn how to prepare facial mask with protein. for different skin types.

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Cream perfectly softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, saturating it with useful fats and minerals.

In addition, she has a good whitening effect.

All of these have secretional our great-grandmothers, who added the sour cream in various medicinal formulations for the face. Here are a few of the most effective and efficient recipes.

Facial cleanser with sour cream: different ways of cooking

Today, there are many variations of cosmetics based on the use of sour cream.

Especially popular are the following recipes:

Composition for improving skin color

Take a couple tablespoons of fat sour cream, add one egg yolk and a teaspoon of fresh carrot juice.

Mix well and apply on your face for about 12-15 minutes.

This mask is universal — it is well suited for any skin type.

Moisturizing formula with a cleansing effect

Ingredients: tablespoon of sour cream, a tablespoon of rice or oat flour.

The exposure time is 20 minutes.

This product is perfect for oily and combination skin.

It not only moisturizes, but also cleans the face and fights redness and imperfections.

Composition for oily skin

To perform the mask: whisk in a solid foam protein, add a tablespoon of sour cream and some cereal.

Stir gently and apply on face for 15 minutes.

What are the muscles of the face? Anatomy their location shown in the Photo here .

Mask with sour cream for the face and banana for dry skin

Take one half ripe banana, mash it into mush, mix with one tablespoon of sour cream (better to choose the fat).

Apply on your face for about 15 minutes.

This mask not only effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, but also helps to fight fine facial wrinkles.

These are just a few of the most common methods for preparing cosmetic products based on sour cream.

There are a few dozen.

You are free to choose the method of care that is closest to you, or perhaps come up with your own recipe sour composition.

The composition for the face of sour cream and lemon

As we mentioned above, the sour cream not only moisturizes but also whitens the skin.

This product is rich in nutrients and natural acids, which contribute to the whitening process.

So, if you want to achieve a perfect effect delicate porcelain skin with a tinge of pallor noble, for the face of sour cream should be an essential part of your usual care.

To enhance the effect and make this mask even more useful and effective, it is often added lemon juice, which also has excellent bleaching properties.

The recipe of this mixture is simple: one tablespoon of fat sour cream you need to take half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

Carefully mix these two components and apply the mixture on your face for 10-12 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizing effect.

To mask the sour cream, lemon had a greater whitening effect, make you should do it regularly, 1-2 times a week.

Cream cosmetics face: consumer reviews

If you are unsure whether you will need a mask based on sour cream, I advise you first to read the reviews of women who already tested it:

“I really like to make a mask out of sour cream. Usually add the yolk and a little honey. This mask helps in hydrating the skin. Do it regularly, twice a week” (Marina).

“I love to make different homemade face masks. I use everything that comes to hand: oatmeal, eggs, cottage cheese, honey.

In the summer I like to make masks from fresh berries and fruits.

Recently, for the first time I tried sour cream mask. Was very pleased. The moisturizing effect is really noticeable even after the first treatment” (Olga).

“I sometimes just fresh sour cream I put on the face, without any additions. The skin after such procedures are always smooth and soft” (Kate).

“I recently read that using cream masks can be very good to restore and moisturize the skin. Did such procedures ten consecutive days, every day. The effect is stunning. The face looks good, the skin tightened and smoother” (Ludmila).

“Sour cream dairy mask is really very effective. But do not forget that those who have oily and combination skin, they may not be appropriate.

If you have this type of skin, try to buy low-fat sour cream (15% fat)” (Oksana).

“Make a mask out of sour cream regularly twice a week. Sometimes the egg is added. After the treatment the skin is always very soft and fresh. Whitening effect is really noticeable, but not very much. I recommend the cream to everyone who faced the first wrinkles” (Anna).

As you can see, most of the reviews of this popular beauty recipes, cream mask, positive.

It’s all in the amazing part of this product and its valuable properties.

Cosmetologists certify that cosmetics for face on the basis of sour cream perfectly able to tighten the skin, fill it with necessary nutrients and precious moisture and make it more fresh and elastic.

But don’t forget, if you want to achieve a truly effective result, make these masks should regularly.

Videos with recipes of masks on the basis of sour cream

Watch this video with tips beautician for the preparation of facial masks on the basis of sour cream for different skin types

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