Healing is one of the most subtle dimensions of healing. And the subtlety lies in the fact that the healer: does nothing. The healer is not actually a healer, because he is not a worker. Healing happens through him. He should just cancel any influence from myself. He is one of the links, obedient to the mediator. The less you have, the better will be the healing. The more you have, the more the channel is blocked, God or all of the integrity (or what name you prefer?) is a healer. The whole is the healer.

The word “healing” has the same root as the word “whole”. Connection with the whole. A sick person is the one who built the blocks together and the whole and thus broke the contact. The function of the healer is to restore this relationship. But, when I say that the action of the healer is directed at restoring relationships, I don’t mean that the healer need to do anything. A healer is action. The worker is God. Whole.

Thus, if you really want to become a healer, you have to make a complete “suicide.” You will need to accept their emptiness. It will be your job to become more and more free from himself. So keep empty, set yourself free. Just as nature abhors vacuum, God also abhors it. When you empty yourself, on the one hand, leave you, on the other hand, come God. It is the place that you occupy. The very space that is ego, there is to He held; so the ego and God cannot exist together in one person.

And therein lies the whole problem of healing and the art of making himself null and void, be the void: Everyone can become a healer.

Healing is something like breathing: it is natural. Someone sick. That means he’s lost the ability to heal himself. He no longer recognizes his own life-giving source. The healer must help him to restore the integrity. This source is the same, where the strength of the healer. But a sick man has forgotten how to understand his language. The healer is in relationship with everything intact, so it can be a “conductor”. The healer touches the patient’s body and becomes a source link. The patient is connected more with the source directly, but through the healer becomes United with him indirectly. Once the energy starts flowing, he is healed.

The healer needs to be really knowledgeable person. Because you can be a healer, but it does not have sufficient knowledge. There are many healers who do the healing, but do not know how it is, I don’t know its mechanism. If you know this, you can help the patient to be healed and therefore he can realize the source of where it comes from healing. Thus, he not only healed of a sickness, which hurts now but immune from future diseases. In this case, the healing is done. It not only brings healing, but is also a preventive measure.

Healing almost becomes an experience of prayer, experience of God, of love, of the whole.

So – just stay here for a few days, do not make any healing. Meditate for a few days and tune in to what surrounds me here. When I say tune, I mean: don’t try to logically analyze things. That is, accept it with a deep trust. Just connect to it. You don’t need to think about it, because this meditation is one of the barriers to healing. So start by stop thinking.

Be like a little child who can’t argue, can’t think who just accepts everything as it is. Trust is natural to a child. Trust me, trust the people here, even if sometimes your common sense will be hard to take something.

Acceptance in itself is so valuable, that common sense can die for lack of food. Whenever there is a choice between acceptance and reflection, always choose acceptance. Gradually you will find that your mind also will begin to help you to accept it. Because when the mind comes to the fact that you take any thing between “Yes” and “no” for you there is no difference, he will also be sympathetic to your trust. And when you reason and trust meet, your own conflict will go beyond your limits. This will be the first step in your learning of healing.

Between common sense and confidence, or between the heart and the mind need a bridge, and this bridge, in which the mind becomes secondary, becomes the instrument of the heart. Usually the mind is the master and the heart has to follow it. In this case you can be a doctor, you can become a therapist, but not a healer. Therapy is a science, healing is part of the religion.

Using common sense, using your head you can become a doctor, but not a man of healing energy, because it comes from another source and is not ordered. The heart has become the master and reason is the only follower and ally, remember that.

I’m not against common sense, because if you’re out of your mind, the abyss will deepen, and inside you will have endless conflict. So don’t be against reason, just be for the heart. If your mind tells you something, listen to him. If it goes against the heart, neglect the voice of reason. There is no need to struggle with what he offers; just ignore and follow the heart.

Gradually you will find that the mind becomes closer to the heart, because now he will feel the lack of food for their work. At some point the mind will understand, and understand very well that the situation has changed: the center was the heart, now he plays the role of ally. When he connects with your trust, the chasm between mind and trust is induced to the bridge.

When you split, you become the conductor. And only then you make the first step to becoming a healer. This hearing of the heart that will be for you the deepest meditation. Feel more, think less. If there is any conflict, you must be with the heart. You need to listen to your feelings – even absurd, even crazy. And I will make you a great healer, don’t worry!

MA Anand Dzhahin (Balanov Natalia),

Director of the “Osho-Reiki Meditation center “Atma”

If You are interested in a training System of natural healing Reiki, we believe that we can be of service to You. ) Write us a letter, in which you should indicate Your place of residence, describe how You see your teacher’s Reiki that the most important thing You would like to receive from him, for what term and at what cost, write what You would NOT want to get in the learning process. Please, tell us anything about yourself, about your path in Reiki (if there are – who, where, when). Good luck! AND BE HAPPY!

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