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By the end of winter many of us are faced with problems such as vitamin deficiency, fatigue and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Do not despair, motels in Central Russia will help you to improve your health, because the range of their services is very diverse!

We have a network of sanatoriums, which are used for local treatment natural factors — climate forests, mineral water springs, peat and sapropel mud, beaches, lakes, rivers and various water bodies. Medical base of the resorts in Central Russia is one of the best in the country!

Sanatorium in Vladimir region

Treatment in Central Russia fills a person with spiritual and physical peace thanks to the temperate continental climate, and rest in sanatoria, boarding houses or rest homes, is perfectly combined with interesting excursion programs. Who of us will refuse acquaintance with the new Museum? Or a trip to the historic center, which you have only read in books?

In Vladimir region there are beautiful objects that meet virtually all the requirements of the tourist. For example, the resort “Fee”, “Russian forest” or leading resort “Sanatorium of a name of Abelman”. They are attractive for recreation and Spa treatment, a full health.

We would like to highlight a unique program “the Sanatorium of a name of Abelman”. which are available to everyone. They are renowned for unique treatment, a variety of food, comfortable accommodation and cultural and mass service. Each is for a certain period of time, includes an extensive range of therapeutic treatments directed action on the individual profile of the disease with the use of unique techniques and its own mineral water. For example, a 10-day program: “Healthy spine” will help you to strengthen ligament-muscular system, improve posture, reduce and sometimes completely remove the symptoms of disease symptoms; “Movement without pain” is recommended for diseases of the joints; “women’s Health” patients are choosing to raise protective forces of an organism and treatment of women’s bodies. Active people who a huge amount of time spend at work, forgetting about their health, experiencing stress, tension, insomnia, irritability, sexual disorders, health offers the program “Manager Syndrome”. It lasts 7 days and includes both treatments — massage, physical therapy, mineral baths, exercise therapy, and anti-stress Spa treatments — stone therapy. “Lose weight the Scandinavian way” — a program designed to improve the functioning of all organs and systems to restore the body’s defenses, its rejuvenation, weight loss. It is important that everything is available and presented at very reasonable prices!

Remember that a strong base of sanatoriums, which can be used to accurately diagnose the illness or condition, give the opportunity to make a timely correct diagnosis, to choose the optimum treatment or prevention of any disease. The main thing — in advance to see every resort close by selecting one of the program.

The sanatorium of the Ryazan region

Environmentally friendly nature of the Ryazan region of mixed forests, fields, numerous rivers and lakes is very favourable for climatotherapy.

Sanatoriums are situated practically in all districts of the province. The most popular of these is the village of Reni, located in a picturesque pine forest on the banks of the river Staritsa — a branch of the Oka river, just 20 km from Ryazan.

In General, the history of resorts in the area dates back to the 1930s, when doctor P. P. Stakhanov was opened unique Sapozhok Deposit of highly mineralized ferrous peat, which is not inferior in its properties to the mud of the popular Czech Spa resort of Frantiskovy Lazne.

In 2012 close to the source of therapeutic peat mud opened “the health-JASIONKA” is a multidisciplinary institution, which has won the devotion of patients from all over Central Russia. Here successful treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue; nervous system, both Central and peripheral; circulatory; respiratory; digestive system, including chronic diseases of the stomach and duodenum, liver and biliary tract; the urogenital system; the consequences of injuries of the musculoskeletal system of different localization.

“The health-JASIONKA” which is located in the UVA district of the Ryazan region in the village of Jasionka, 120 km from Ryazan and 350 km from Moscow. In a separate building of the resort is the Spa complex with Finnish sauna and Turkish bath, relaxation rooms, swimming pool.

Also available to the guests: conference room, library, physiotherapy room and gym, a bar with music. In the dining room resort organized 4 meals a day for campers and orders according to therapeutic diet prescribed by doctors. For fishing enthusiasts — great stocked pond! The highlight of this medical institution is considered as a wonderful Park area and Orthodox Church of the Holy virgin.

The sanatorium of the Ivanovo region

Rest and treatment in the Ivanovo region since ancient times was one of the most popular! By the mid-eighteenth century, wealthy peasants were here to open a linen factory. Life was in full swing and developed! Ivanovo became part of the Golden ring of Russia, on whose territory today is full of monuments of history and culture. With the Ivanovo land connected with the life and activity of such outstanding figures of Russian history and culture, as the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva, architects brothers Vesniny, Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky, singer Chaliapin and many others.

Ivanovo region and you can’t just have a good rest and improve their health. It features the popular sanatorium “Obolsunovo” or “Reshma”.

Treatment in sanatoria of the Ivanovo region is the perfect offer for those people who suffer from diseases of the respiratory tract, circulatory system and digestive system. Vacationers will be able to quickly bring your nervous system and metabolism in order to get rid of gynecological and musculoskeletal diseases. Among the features of spas with treatment of the Ivanovo area it is worth noting the sources of mineral waters, which will help you efficiently get rid of the disorders of the digestive system.

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