Fishing for piranhas and shaman

Woke up at four o’clock. A night to remember, head does not hurt! Took a cold shower and started getting ready. On the appointed morning was a hike. Fishing for piranhas. Leh – the particular fisherman, I couldn’t deny myself this pleasure. Behind the wall he heard the groan Legino a cold shower. At half-past four all began to Wake up and prepare. Had Breakfast with an assortment of local fruits and with their disgusting coffee. Had the river to get to some backwater. Gathered at the reception, chose boots for size and color, put on some repellent and pacaveli through the jungle to the dock. The track was not long. The river again and again these beauties. Dawn on the road. Sailed to the place walked through the jungle to the old river bed. Among the greenery here and there flashed a sudden flowers of the most bizarre forms and colors. Somewhere high was screaming not in Russian birds. It was damp and smelled of mushrooms. Ahead glistened the water.

The shore approached by a catamaran, that is, the same two cakes connected by a platform with benches. In the back there was a huge paddle, with which the structure moved along the surface of fairly clear water. Our new guide Luis (Oscar could not resist the new year’s eve and was sick in the Lodge) asked us not making a lot of noise. Just splashed the paddle, and softly broke in the clouds, the sun, piercing the clear air, Prozrachnaya, lush green shores and the sounds of bird life. We were in Paradise. Louis was showing towards the helmsman, and a catamaran was heading to the place where he observed birds. It was not so much. It seemed that in such beauty and silence should be the Kingdom of animals and birds, but it was, apparently, the outskirts of Paradise. Huge stupid birds, like bright roosters, climbed lazily on branches overhanging the water. As it turned out, they didn’t really like to fly, preferring in case of danger to flop into the water. Large black birds, similar to ravens screamed absolutely filthy. Many small yellow birds flying over the reeds. There, in the reeds walked herons. It was touching to see the delight of our Louis about each new bird shown to us. He approached each with a bird guide and showed them the pictures. It was evident how much this man is in love with Selva and his job. In one of batonchikov about half an hour we considered a family of bats sleeping on the trunk above the water. Louis was the most interested spectator.

In the water meanwhile there was drama life. Pop up small fish, fleeing from predators, the splashing of large fish. After several passages of the backwaters Luis picked up the fishing spot. From under the flooring appeared rods. You should have seen these rods! Local fish was unassuming. Recalled children’s gear village of hazel Bush. They were steeper than Peruvian. Hooks here, however, were on wire leashes. Only very stupid, I think, not without malice of our nature lover. Piranhas stripped the meat instantly. Hook in no time. But after a while Leh first caught a small shark. And I caught a silver piranha. The third rod took possession of an Indian girl. Girl petite and extremely reckless. She violently pulled the fishing line, the hook is whistling over the heads of tourists near Indian… interjections. Your fishing rod I gave to Alena, which, forming a contrast to the Indian woman, rather awkward, but, saving grace, participated in the action. Pardon the pun)). Leh got the hang of it and dragged the fish one after the other, and Luis was released. Finally the woman caught a fish, and breathing a sigh of relief, we set off on the return journey.

Alex, inspired good fishing, briskly walking ahead. The path was meandering in the jungle. Louis from time to time stopped, showing insects, talking about termites or a loved one about trees of the forest. Suddenly from around the bend of the trail came a wild scream Lenin. Then the clatter and no less wild-looking Leh, panting and desperately gesticulated and shouted: “there… There in this! Like a log! A meter and a half in there!”. Having it Louis asked, a look at the snake. The descriptions of the sufferer, decided that it was a boa constrictor, Boa Constrictor. Having approached the fateful spot, the snake, unfortunately, not found. The poor thing hid from the noise of the Ivanovo merchant. Alex’s the rest of the path humbly walked in the middle of the caravan.

On the way back part of our multilingual group began to undress. It turned out there was supposed to be swimming in the river. We forgot to warn. The bathing suits we took. Nastasia decided to swim in clothes. We Lehoy with envy looked at their joyful faces. The first could not stand it. Undressed and in my shorts, without a life jacket jumped into the water. Then I stopped caring about the image we present to the power and followed him. The water was cloudy, but not cold. The strong current carried us and the boat down the river to the Lodge. After a while Alex clearly regretted that not wearing a vest. Swim long, he did not expect. It was not difficult, and he’s probably not used to long races. Finally we saw the ladder of our ecolodge. Only near the river insidiously changed direction and we had to strain really.

Got ashore with difficulty, but it was bathing in the Madre de Dios tributary of the Amazon. The game was worth the candle.

After this swim I was lounging under the hot tropical sun with a glass of dry white wine! On this day the weather pleased us with bright sun. On the front edge of the Lodge flew a huge blue butterflies, bright spots of greenery flashed unusual flowers. Stay for lunch and then we are back on familiar trail. Going to visit the local shaman.

In the mountainous part of the best means of transportation is the plane, in the jungle the only way is marked by the rivers. The boat is moored in a more inhabited place. The trail was a narrow road. Observed some order in the arrangement of the trees. It was a plantation shaman. The shaman came to us when we took our places on benches under a vast canopy. It was a man of about sixty, dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt, over which his chest was decorated with ritual beads.

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