Clinic orthopedics

Orthopedics is the branch of medicine responsible for the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Clinic orthopedics performs important functions in full support of patients, conduct therapeutic interventions and recovery process that can offer only reliable orthopedic center. If you are interested in the highest level of service is really worthy clinic orthopedics, you should pay attention to the treatment in Germany. The metabolic disorders, the worsening of the environmental situation, overweight, congenital limb defects have all contributed to the development of disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The level of development of medicine in Germany has reached unprecedented heights. Here carry out complex operations, and each clinic orthopedics was proud to talk about their highly skilled employees, level of technical equipment, innovation and the latest scientific developments, which were incorporated in the medical process, to improve the quality of services offered to a particular hospital orthopedics.

Clinic of orthopedics and traumatology

The high standards can rightly be considered the clinic of Orthopaedics in Germany. Orthopedics and traumatology abroad has reached the highest level of development. Here are successfully treated adults and children. Usually orthopaedic treatment centres deystvuyut-based medical practices with the latest scientific developments. If the inevitability of the operation is obvious, the main task of doctors – to use the most sparing and minimally invasive methods, so at a minimum injure to the patient. German clinic Orthopaedics – this is your ticket to a new life.

Clinic orthopedics – the treatment of pain in the joints and spine

Pain in the joints and spine hurting us quite often. The nature of their occurrence can be very different – this should sort out high-class specialists in the field of orthopedics. Among the main factors contributing to the development of pain can be called an infectious disease from which the patient suffered in the past, unfortunate injury, changes with age, etc. In such a situation it is the clinic of Orthopaedics, with a staff of skilled physicians, will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and to choose the most appropriate treatment.

Congenital and acquired deformations of the musculoskeletal system

Malfunction of the musculoskeletal system may have acquired, or be congenital.

Among the main pathologies, which are abundant in any clinic orthopedics, we can distinguish:

Congenital abnormalities (torticollis, weakness of the extremities, arthrogryposis, etc.)

Diseases of the nervous system

Acquired diseases and injuries

Clinic “Burgforum”: Sports medicine

One of the areas of activity in which substantially succeeded our clinic orthopedics is sports medicine. Among the main tasks of sports medicine, which deals clinic orthopedics – full and comprehensive training of athletes, the study of particular changes occurring in the body during the fitness for the purpose of prevention, correction and removal of pathological phenomena, which occur under the influence of physical activity. In this important role plays not only your trainer in the gym, but the orthopedics clinic.

Sports medicine involves the following aspects:

Sports medical control

Improving the performance of athletes

Traumatology in sports

Rehabilitation of athletes

Emergency care

Clinic “Burgforum”: Chiropractics

Our orthopedics clinic offers a wide range of services, among which not the least is Chiropractics. The essence of this method is that through manipulation by the hands, professionals in the field of manual therapy are able to eliminate the “blocks” (functional painful disorder) observed in the musculoskeletal system. Due to this it is possible to achieve analgesia. Clinic of orthopedics can use Chiropractics as a gentle method of treatment, almost any patient. To trust such an effect is possible only to professionals, because the work is being done with the spine, and therefore, the cost of possible errors is too high.

Clinic “Burgforum”: Diagnosis and treatment of osteopathy

Not so long ago in the field of medicine, a new trend, which today is quite actively developing our clinic Orthopaedics – osteopathy. Barely perceptible touch of a specialist it is possible to grasp the emerging changes in ligaments and muscles, malfunction of various organs, changes of rhythm. The osteopath understands the causes of pain in the shortest possible time. Our clinic orthopedics successfully uses this ability for rapid and accurate diagnosis, as well as to address issues related to treatment difficulties in the mobility of various tissues and organs.

Clinic “Burgforum”: Acupuncture

Another non-traditional approach to everyday tasks which before itself puts the orthopedics clinic, is acupuncture. The human body has certain points that are responsible for the beauty and health. Acting on them, a specialist can solve all your problems in the most gentle to the body.

Clinic “Burgforum”: Shock-wave therapy

Any well-known orthopedic clinic must have at its disposal a variety of tools used in case of problems with musculoskeletal system. The shock wave easily and painlessly passing through soft tissue, have a healing effect. They “break” salts, ossification and other pathological formations on small particles that are easily absorbed. Our clinic orthopedics is actively developing this direction.

Clinic “Burgforum”: Arthroplasty prostheses with gold plating

A special place takes our clinic orthopedics arthroplasty prostheses with gold plating. Procedure arthroplasty is a complex surgical operation, during which destroyed progressive disease of the joint is replaced by an implant. Modern equipment, innovation and a high level of scientific research have resulted in our clinic orthopedics quite successfully introducing certain innovations into practice. Gold, plastic and soft metal with many useful properties. Due to this it is widely used in orthopedics.

Prosthesis gold has lots of advantages, which reveals our clinic orthopedics:

Meets all requirements of modern orthopedics;

It has excellent bacteriostatic properties;

Essential for people with allergies, kidney disease, intestine and stomach.

Orthopedic PRP therapy

German clinic of Orthopaedics is actively implementing another progressive method of treatment of defects, disorders and injuries – orthopedic PRP therapy. Using enriched platelet concentrate, the treatment of the musculoskeletal system will be held with the quick rehabilitation for the following injuries:

“Tennis” elbow

Tendinosis (degeneration) in the tendons of the heel

Stretching and painful condition of the meniscus

Inflammation and degeneration of the biceps

Plantar fasciitis

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