Can you cure cancer by means of traditional medicine

Can alternative medicine cure cancer? Or traditional healers promise a cure the usual scams, shamelessly robbing unsuspecting citizens.

Today on the first channel of Central television held a debate about harm and use traditional healing. The discussion was attended by Fyodor Lvovich Kiselev — Professor and head of Department of the transforming genes of the cancer center named after N. Blokhin and folk healer Lyudmila Kim.

According to the healer . the experience practice which has more than 40 years, she is able to cure cancer . Lyudmila Kim noted that she’s not illiterate folk healer . As a Ph. D. she stated that the main thing in the fight with malignant tumors is to prevent the growth of metastases. To do this, they need to be addressed soon, and then bring the body. Both folk and modern official medicine, it is the considered opinion of the healer are the branches “a single tree” called medicine.

In turn Professor Fedor Kiselev said that the so-called traditional healers do more harm than good. According to him, they introduce unsuspecting citizens misleading regarding ease of cure serious diseases.

When the patient made the diagnosis of cancer, there is a need for complex diagnostic studies to identify forms and characteristics of cancer . Without similar studies of body to talk about the cure for cancer is simply meaningless.

Fedor Kiselev stressed that working in the field of traditional healers in most of his usual illiterate crooks. Taking advantage of people’s grief, and giving them false hope, the healers take patients the real possibility of a cure, which could be the case, they turn in time to specialized medical care.

What can I say about this? Too often doctors are scratching hands. And where to go for the unfortunate patient? No wonder that traditional medicine is also called “alternative”, that is the drug of choice. It applies not only to tumors but to anything. To be honest, common cold defies the doctors in the clinic. After all, the sick list by itself does not cure, right?

But I digress. So, about cancer. I think that traditional medicines can help in the fight against this disease. But keep in mind some of the circumstances.

All other things being equal, I would recommend to consult the healer who has a medical degree, even average. The human body is a delicate thing. And to treat a person, you need a good imagined, which occur in the body processes.

I will never forget, as to me many years ago, back in Russia, one friend asked the healer. With a request that she organized an excursion to the morgue for an autopsy. She said she wanted to see the man inside — organs, structure, location. I request, by calling a friend the prosector, for which I was extremely grateful.

Of course, You can say that a well known and famous Bulgarian healer Vanga did not have any education. But as we know, the rule is confirmed by exceptions.

And here we come close to the second point. Before contacting, carefully find out what the rumor goes about that the healer and You are going to apply. You should listen to at least ten people. If the healer CAN really, hearing about it will scatter everywhere.

In addition, this healer is able to explain what it does and how it will affect Your body. Before treatment, talk to him. How he or she persuasive? Nice if You with him/her to talk? Don’t forget that almost all alternative methods, the effect depends largely on the personality of the healer.

So, even if people say one is good, but You healer is unpleasant or hard to talk, it is not necessary to start his treatment. You know, it’s like with allergies. There is personal intolerance of medicines or products. And the fact that the healer helped someone, does not mean that it will help You personally. Listen to your feelings, sensations during the first conversation. The heart rarely deceives!

In conversation, pay attention to the words. I have long noticed that the less a person understands the treatment, the more the conversation becomes pseudoscientific. The leg or arm he will certainly be called a “limb”, the conversation will flicker such words and combinations as “energy-field”, “subconscious”, “the astral plane”, “biofield” and something like that.

If You don’t know what was going on, the treatment will not. This healer is able to clearly explain what he was doing — simple, ordinary, human words. Preferably with the involvement of well known medical terms. Such as muscles, blood, joints, irritation, and so on, in the same spirit.

Also, use this simple rule, which in Russia is dubbed the “rule of vodka”. So there are very cheap vodka most likely poison. Insanely expensive — the same poison, only in super-duper package. You need to take something average for the price.

See if the healer takes a thousand dollars for the reception, it is a good chance that he could wind up with Your (and others) money. If it takes a hundred rubles, so not confident. The amount should be not very small and certainly not too big. Do not think that the more money you spend, the better cure. This, sometimes, very different things.

And since we were talking about cancer, remember that often the treatment (doctors or healers) is a failure because we’ve sat down with a childhood fear of cancer. And a doctor or healer is simply obliged to expel this fear from the patient. His confidence, competence, examples from his own practice, he simply is required to convince the patient that everything will be fine and the illness is gone. I know of many cases of “miraculous” healing from cancer patient was initially ready to fight with strong belief in success.

Cancer can be cured, this I know for sure! Do not just saw people including long-I know that after diagnosis are living 20-30 years or more. Only the disease is unpleasant, tenacious, and cavalry assaults won’t take it. Use all means, starting with the state of medicine and continuing, if necessary, alternative means.

God help You! But do not be miss! I wish You only health!

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