Animals that are treated

In the capital of our Republic, in the lobby of the building of the Agricultural College took place on 25 March an exciting and spectacular event – an exhibition of pedigreed cats.

The exhibition organizers are the President of the Biysk club of fans of cats “Kitty Friend” (“kitty friend”) Olesya Kozhevnikov and representatives valeologicheskogo center “fortune-cat” of the city of Barnaul (head Tatiana Dolenko). Both organizations are international felinologicheskiy Association, whose members communicate through the network “Internet” to “meow” forum.

Last summer, jointly organized cat show was held in the village of Maima. In Gorno-altajsk the event is held for the second time. While these shows, innovation is rarely pleasing to the eye pet lovers. In the future, says Olesya Kozhevnikova, the exhibition will be a permanent, one – and two-day and eventually everyone will be able afford to buy a purebred kitten. Next time the organizers plan to hold the same exhibition in August.

At the spring exhibition of their beloved Pets showed more than 60 owners. Visitors: and children, and adults marveled at fluffy cats, representing a wide variety of breeds: British, Scottish, Persian cats, Sphinx, big cats – manconi, exotic cornishrex, Kuril baltali other. In addition to the “Royal” blooded breeds in the exhibition participated and mixed cats and purebred, but no less graceful members of the cat world.

Diverse geographic and was part of the exhibition: Novosibirsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Novokuznetsk, Belokurikha, Gorno-Altaisk, etc.

During the day, from 10 to 16 hours the exhibition was visited by many spectators. At this time three of the judges from Barnaul, Angarsk and Chita in detail studied the characteristics of participants, assessing the conformity of the breed, title, etc. At 16 o’clock took place the awarding of winners and awarding of prizes.

On this day, someone was lucky enough to fulfill your dream and purchase a pet, the prices of which fluctuate on the market from several to 35 and above thousand. Someone talked with the owners, learned more about some breeds of cats and decided to postpone the purchase for the future.

Looked very impressive at the exhibition several huge animals of breed “Maine Coon”. One of the owners, a spokeswoman for the cattery Maine Coon “Honey House” Tatiana shared her experience of breeding cats, with a special focus on the biggest. It turns out that Maine coons are something between dogs and cats in terms of intelligence, communication. If You want to buy a cat that will be You a loyal friend, smart, understanding and affectionate family member, take the Maine Coon. This is a rare and very beautiful cats!

Do not forget that acquiring a pet is not a way to shake things up, to organize entertainment for the household. This is a huge responsibility, the need for daily care and hourly attention to smaller brothers.

Some breeds of cats:

This is the cat figurine. Sphinx can not be called a cat, the creature that came to us from another planet. There are three breeds of naked cats-Sphynx: Sphynx, don Sphynx (Donskoy or Lysak), Peterbald (or Peter-the bold).

The mentions about bald cats can be found in antiquity. Naked cats, probably, were the Aztecs. The extinct ancient breed called Mexican hairless, were shown at first cat shows in the U.S. in the early XX century. The last pair survived until the early 30-ies, unfortunately, not leaving offspring.

Sphynx doesn’t suffer loneliness, it wants constant dialogue with you. It is important not what is home, and the fact that you are in it. The Sphinx need to be around you, watching you sleep, having nestled all over, to kiss him in the nose. It is inexplicable words, but the fact that once having got the Sphinx, you will not change him ever, he will always occupy in your heart area.

Sphinx is an extremely delicate creature and will thrive in a home in which a lot of people and other Pets. Sphynxes are prone to colds and sensitive to drafts and hypothermia.

Maine coons

The Maine Coon breed have descended from the Northern States where it appeared as a wild animal. There are several myths about this large cat — it is now one of the most popular breeds of domestic cats in the world.

The Maine Coon has a wide chest and a muscular body. The cat usually weighs up to 6 kg and males up to 8 kg, but some of them are known, and reached the weight of 13 kg, while suffering obesity. One of the most attractive features of this cat — her long fluffy tail.

Maine Coon cats do not require special care for themselves and are ideal for those who like longhaired cats but do not have time for daily combing their hair. Note the qualities of these animals as generosity, tact, restraint and strength of character. They are separate and independent, possessing a quiet and balanced character, at the same time active and energetic and prefer to have enough space for walking. Their favorite activities — play, run, jump and perform various tricks. The Maine Coon is a beautiful and tireless hunters. In good faith they catch rats and mice, saving the owners from intruders. The Maine Coon has a good memory. They can remember many words and intonations and can understand a man barely noticeable gesture or glance. These cats have a pleasant voice and a distinctive loud purr.


Persian cats are known for their gentle and quiet nature, and beautiful long wool. With a huge variety of colors including chocolate, blue, black, tortoiseshell, purple, cream, and grey striped, Persian is perfectly suited for home detention.

This friendly, easy-going, phlegmatic cat, quite content with life in the apartment. Sociable, peaceful, without any signs of aggressiveness, gentle, she is very tied to the owner. Easy living next door to other cats, dogs and children. Towards strangers is exercising restraint. For good health it requires a quiet life. Meows rarely and quietly.

Whoever is considering to take the Persians should be ready to spend time on daily care of their beautiful fur, the cat requires very careful attention.

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