Alternative medicine in the treatment of acne

The skin disease known as acne begins to develop when hair follicles (sacs from which hair grows) become clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria and a mixture of fats called sebum. Removing all of these substances through the pores (holes in the upper part of the follicle) does not occur, and the skin form pimples.

Alternative medicine aims primarily to strengthen defenses to prevent outbreaks of acne and also to reduce the inflammation and scarring associated with the disease. Representatives of traditional medicine believe that dietary factors have very little impact on acne, but many professionals practicing alternative medicine do not agree with this.

Diet therapy in the treatment of acne

Experts in the field of dietetics are of the opinion that certain foods provoke the production of excess sebum and therefore should be avoided. At the head of the list of such products refined carbohydrates (sugar) and foods rich in saturated fats. And Yes – this list includes chocolate. The fats found in milk, and hormones can also be a problem for some people. Should be avoided and foods rich in iodine, including seafood and iodized salt. To improve the health of skin promotes diet consisting of whole grains, raw and prigotovlennaja a few vegetables, fruits and legumes.

In addition, lack of vitamins or minerals weakens the body, making it unable to deal with such factors in the occurrence of outbreaks of acne, as stress. However, the use of complex vitamin supplements to address deficiency in the treatment of acne is not commonly used. Preference is given to the use of individual nutrients, providing a certain therapeutic effect, for example, the impact on hormone levels.

Substances that are commonly prescribed to people with acne or prone to acne include:

zinc; selenium; vitamin A (usually in doses, the use of which requires a doctor’s supervision, since vitamin A is potentially toxic), vitamin B 6 (in particular, in cases of premenstrual acne), vitamin E.

In people with acne and other skin diseases there is a shortage of zinc.

In one study, scientists from France patients a day were given either zinc or a placebo. After two months, those taking zinc were much less marked in the number and severity of blackheads and pimples. It is believed that zinc has anti-inflammatory effects . which leads to a weakening of skin reactions.

Whenever given oral zinc for an extended period of time, the intake of copper, as these two minerals compete in the body for absorption; excess zinc decreases the absorption of copper. So taking just zinc can lead to copper deficiency .

A good idea is obtaining the necessary amount of zinc with the natural food and not through supplements.

Among the foods rich in zinc include:

dried beans; wheat germ; oysters; maluccio.

Phytotherapy in the treatment of acne

Therapy with medicinal plants is based on the use of certain plants that are able to destroy bacteria that encourage acne outbreaks. Plants are also used for cleansing the body, restoring its internal balance, and thus preventing the appearance of acne outbreaks in the future.

The tea tree oil . obtained from plants growing mainly in the East of Australia, use in connection with its antibacterial qualities. A group of scientists from Australia showed that a gel made using 5% of tea tree oil is also effective in clearing the skin from acne as a lotion with 5 percent solution of benzoyl peroxide. Volunteers participating in the study, admitted that tea tree oil have to apply to get positive results longer than benzoyl peroxide, however, its effects on the skin much softer.

A plant called calendula . more commonly known as marigold, is used because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Dried calendula flowers pour boiling water, as tea, and after cooling, the resulting solution is used as a lotion cleanser, applying it directly on the face.

Plants burdock and cleavers is known for cleansing, disinfecting properties, and are used in the form of tinctures (alcohol or water).

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of the tree (chaste tree) in the treatment of acne, especially in women. This plant works within the body, maintaining hormone levels.

Tea tree oil can be found in stores in a variety of forms including the essential oil, shampoo, body lotion, lip balm, and even Laundry detergent. Not all of these forms always contain enough tea tree oil to have antibacterial properties, however due to the fact that the plant is very strong, buy a product, in which the oil is contained in an already diluted, suitable for use as body lotion or soap.

Other treatments for acne

Aromatherapy – essential oils of bergamot, chamomile, juniper, or lavender can be diluted in warm water and use as a lotion for washing or spray for the face.

Detoxification, fasting and kolonoterapiya – because acne can be a symptom of disorders of the body’s ability to destroy wastes and toxins, can help of treatment methods based on removing toxins from the body.

Homeopathy for each individual patient can be selected for special medicines however, among the most common are potassium bromide, lime sulphur and liver of sulfur.

Hydrotherapy – possible methods include applying ice to the affected area of the skin, baths with sea water and a quick rubdown of the body (not the face) on a cold, wet towel.

Meditation – regular meditation can help treat acne outbreaks, triggered by stress or nervous tension.

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